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~*~Ty Winters~*~
Ty Winters Record:Look at DEW

People Used: Ty Winters and the others in DD

Achievements: being a member of Devine Dynasty

People Mentioned: Kain Dewey
~*~Scene ~*~

Dark match agisnt Kain Dewey

Scene opens up with Ty at a Talk show. The name of the show will be held for lawsuit reasons. The talk show host is asking him questions as well as the fans. Ty is sitting back answer what he can.

Talk show host: Welcome back to the show, We have Ty Winters from DEW on the show today, and now it is time to let the audience ask questions.

Auidence Member 1: Hi, my name is Mark. I am big wrestling fan. I got questions for you Mr. Winters?

Ty: Just Ty, and go ahead.

Auidence Member 1: Okay, Ty, first one is what got you into the business and why are you in the business?

Ty: What and Why I am in the buisness. Good questions that get ask to me alot. Well What got me in the buisness is my father was a wrestling so I grew up around it alot. Just how much skills and talent it takes to become a wrestler is amazing. Why becuase I love the sport and I have known Mysery for years and I heard he had a Fed and I wanted in on it.

Auidence Member 2: Hi Ty, I am a big fan as well. I have been watching DEW alot, as well as watching you. You have been on a winning streak of lately, but this Wesnday show coming up you face Kain Dewey in a dark Match, what are you comments on this match?

Ty: My comments on my match, and thanks for watching me. Just another match and win for me. This Kain Dewey is sad he had a title shot lost it and now seems like he wants to quit DEW since he cant get his own way. This match is mostly his retirement match what it is.

Auidence Member 3: Do you think the youth of this year so be influenced by wrestling?

Ty: I get ask that alot, and my answer is no matter what, there will alaways be violence on tv no matter what you watch. We are just wrestlers making a living the way we know how, not role models. That is my answer to that questions

Talk show host: Well that is all the time we have today, thanks to my guest Ty Winters, see you next time.

Scene cuts off