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~*~Ty Winters~*~
Ty Winters Record:Look at DEW

People Used: Ty Winters and the others in DD

Achievements: being a member of Devine Dynasty

People Mentioned:
~*~Scene 1~*~
Scene opens up with Ty talking to a shadow figure in the door. It seems that we recogize the voice but cant see the face. We listen in to see what they have to say.

Ty: So you ready for the ppv?

Shadow Figure: Yeah Im ready, cant wait to be in Dynasty.

Ty: Glad you decide to join us at the ppv. I guess Ill let you go.

The Shadow figure walks off as Ty sees the camera and does a promo.

Ty: I few more days away, and it is almost time for Blood Showers. And it seems I have to face my stable mate, Chris Dallas for his TV Title. I am game for it. Me and Dallas know that if we have to go at we will. Now for the other two, I think they need a brain check. See you are stepping in the ring with not just one Dynasty member but two, so Gjin, and Alex. You sure you can handle us. If not you will see life pass by your eyes. Look Dynasty isnt no joke, we are hear to win belts, break neck and cash paychecks. We arent here to play dolls with the rest of you jokes around like, Mindsickness, and Refugess. Hell that tag team, the refugess is sad. Seems they might not show up at the ppv, to face Triple X. Look Refugees Ill speak a little for Triple X since I know those two well. Triple X isnt a joke, they have the titles for a reason and at the ppv they will climb to the top and win the titles. And for my match, it doesnt matter if I Win the match or Dallas wins the match as long as the gold is in Dynasty. SO ALex, and Gjin, Dynasty will keep the gold.

Scene Ends