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People Used People Mentioned Record Match Achievements
Divine Dynasty Alex Pandion, Gjin, Amy Starter and Jasmine Moon Look on DEW Womens title, and Xtreme title Ty-Extreme Champion, Lethal & Pamela- Tag titles, Dallas-Tv title

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~!*~*Cant Stop What is to Come*~*!~
~~Scene 1~~

Opens up with Ty and Velvet walking out of a store with a few bags in there hand. Ty has his Xtreme belt over his shoulder and sees the cameras.

Ty: Well look who it is?

Velvet: DEW camera crew, wanting to get a glimpse of the most domiant group in DEW right now.

We sure are, Dallas has the Tv Title, Pamela and Leathal tag titles, Velvet here will take the women's title at the ppv. And I got the Xtreme title.

Domiant stable, we need two more belts, the women's which I will get and the world which I know Ty here will get a shot at soon.

Well if Mysery and RCL are smart enough they will give me a title shot.

They should, you got the talent and the skills, I dont see why they wont. After you lose the xtreme title.

That is if I ever lose it.

::Fades out::

~~Scene 2~~

Opens with Ty driving and dropping off Velvet. They talk in the car.

It seems that My oppenots think they can beat me.

Alex and Gjin

Yeah, those two. Beat me for my title in a Russian Chain match.

Well I think that Gjin is on medaction or that he is mentally challanged one of the two, and Alex is just sick.

True, Gjin I am not worried about, but Alex, that is one to worry about.

He is sick and does have talent and can take pain.

Yeah, like he siad about me. I have the skills or else I wouldnt have the belt. True Alex. You got a point. But maybe like you said my oppenot wasnt that good. Maybe you will be a challanged.

maybe he is, but I think he will give you a good match, Gjin on the other I have no clue if can even wrestle.

Gjin, you are going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You want my belt, you want to beat me or Alex? You better try the hardest you can.
::Fades Out::

~~Scene 3~~

Scene opens up with Velvet at her hotel room alone with a night gown on.

Jasmine Moon, Amy Strater, my two oppeonts. One has the title and one wants it like I do. Amy, I have seen you in the ring and to be honest. You are like the rest of the divas that step in the ring. Non-talent hoes. Amy, no way in hell will you get win this match, even if it is a ladder match.
Moon, that title will be mines, why? Becuase see DD has talent unlike you. You couldnt even win a wet t-shirt contest at all. So Moon, thanks for holding my title but I will take it from you at the ppv. Trust me, it will be mines. So ladies, you cant stop what is to come.

::Fades out::

~~Scene 4~~

Scene opens up with Ty getting out his car and going to his motel room. He is walking up the steps as he talks to us.

Gjin, there aint much to say about you. ALex, you want my title come and get it. At the ppv. The best man will walk out with the title. I will make sure that isnt you or Gjin. See I won this title and no way in hell will I lose it to you two. Dynasty will get all the titles soon, so if you want my title you have to prey it from my cold dead hands. So come and get it at the ppv, or try to win it.

::Fades Out::