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The One
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Velvet and Ty
Fawna and Alex
Motel Room
Ty in boxers and muscle shirt for the ladies, and Velvet in a black teddy for the guys, so enjoy.
*~*DisclaimeR*~* This layout was made by Fawna.Banner was made by Eradicators of OCWA.Rp was done by me.Dont take.

~*~Scene One~*~
The scene opens up in a motel room with Velvet and Ty Winters laying the bed watching recents of OCWA. They are Genesis, OCWA PPV. The cameras turn and look at the tv as the match they are watching is the boiler room tag title match between New Era and Mindsickness. The match ends and they turn the tv off.

Velvet: Well we get to debut as a tag team agisnt the newly crowned tag team Mindsickness.

Ty looks at Velvet and smiles then climbs out of the bed. He has on nothing but black boxers and black muscle shirt. He looks at the camera.

Ty:Yeah I know, agisnt the demented couple of OCWA. Here all along, I thought Mysery and Crsytal were bad. These two take the cake. Look, we havnet made the impact we were hopign for yet. But think of this if we beat Mindsickness then soon will will get a title shot.

Velvet looks at Ty in his boxers and shirt and smiles. She then slides out the bed from under the covers and just has on a black teddy, close to being see through. She then walks over to Ty as the camera pans down a litte to watch her ass some. She then turns slightly and looks at the camera with a smile. She reaches Ty and he holds her in his arms.

Velvet:The Demented Couple vs the Sexist couple in OCWA. Who will be the couple to win? See Alex and Fawna we have a advantage over you two. It is that we know each other more then you two will ever know. See Fawna I know more of Ty then you know of Alex. Ty knowns more of me then you Alex know Fawna. The sick twizitd couple vs the sexiest couple.

Ty: See, so what makes you two think you will beat us. Is beacuse you have the tag belts. No wait, is becasue you two have been in OCWA longer, will Alex has been here longer. Look, it is simple we are part of the Dynasty and that is all that matters. You want to crush the Dynasty you have to get by us first.

Velvet: Dont think that will take it easy. This is the first promo from a few that is set to come. So you two be ready for one hell of beating at the hands of OCWA sexiest couple ever.

They both crawl into the bed and kiss each other as the scene fades out and we hear Velvet giggle.