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People Used People Mentioned Record Match Achievements
Divine Dynasty Mike Pain and Static 0/1/0 World tag titles Ty-Extreme Champion

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~!*~*Cant Stop What is to Come*~*!~
Dallas and Lethal are both crusining in back of a limo. They are watching Static and Mike Pain win the tag titles. It finishes and they start to laugh.

Dallas: That is what we are up agasint to win the tag titles?

Lethal: Sure is man, one big over grown want to be dark wrestler and one who thinks he is God's gift to wrestling.

Dallas: Just like you think you are god's gift to women?

Lethal: Heck yeah, I am.

Dallas: whatever you say, you think we can beat them and bring another title to DD?

Lethal: of course. Like they have a chance in hell beating us. They can bring thier little black books, thier upside down crosses or whatever they use for voodo and we will still beat them.

Dallas: True that, lets get to working out and ready to leave for tomorrow.

::Fades out::