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~*~Chris Dallas~*~
Chris Dallas' Record:0-1-0

People Used: Chris Dallas Lil Lethal

Achievements: being a member of Devine Dynasty and being the Ladykiller

People Mentioned: Lt and Jack Cage
~*~Scene ~*~

The scene opens up with Chris Dallas and LiL Lethal showing up at the areana where Havoc will take place tomorrow. Chris has on a black muscle shirt, black pants, and his hairs is braided back. Lethal has on a Spurs jersey and sweatpants with a spurs hat on. They grab thier bags and walk into thier lockerroom.

Dallas: That sucks about what happened to Johnny.

Lethal: Yeah but we have to let that go man, cant talk about what happened.

Dallas: So who will be the leader now?

Lethal: No Clue but lets focus on our matches first.

They put thier bags up and walk down the hallway. They stop by Mysery's office and sees tomorrows card.

Dallas: Great, I get the bodyguard of OCWA. Jack Cage.

Lethal: And I have the want to be vampire, Lucifer Tramier.

Dallas: You serious, that guy is still around.

Lethal:Hell, If I was him I would have retired already.

Out of no where we see Angel show up.

Angel: Dallas, Lethal, I jsut word that FOD did a promo agsint you guys, or more agaisnt Lethal.

Lethal:Is that so?

Angel: yes

Lethal: Do you have this historic promo?

She plays the promo for them as the watch it for a minute.

Lethal: Stop the press, hold my phone calls.

Dallas: What the hell for?

Lethal: that was a one minute promo I will need a 2 minute promo to beat that. So I will need all the time I can get.

Dallas: that is fucked up, give him a break. He tried.

Lethal: Ill give him a break, I will take him out come tomorrow. I ll break his neck. Lucifer you should have stayed away. You should have retired. Walk way from the match. But now you have to walk into this match and get another beating. Lucifer, you ready to add another lose to your record.

Dallas: Cage, you seem to be quiet, you think that Mysery will help you out. Well you are wrong. Becuse the Dynasty has my back. So Cage bring your big headed monkey face to ring so I can make a example of you.

The scene fades out with them both leaving the areana