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The One
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Velvet and Pamela banks
Ladies in the Woman's Match
Shopping mall
Enjoy ladies
*~*DisclaimeR*~* This layout was made by Fawna.Banner was made by Eradicators of OCWA.Rp was done by me.Dont take.

~*~Scene One~*~
It opens up with Velvet and Banks in a shopping mall, looking for outfits for the celebration party after one of them becomes the new DEW Woman's champion.

Velvet:Here we go girl, our first match in DEW and it is for the title.

Banks looks at a black silk outfit.

Pamela Banks: I like this one alot, opps got caught in the moment. I know first match for a title, but we have to face the other 4or 5 bimbos.

Velvet: Yeah, Moon has said some stuff and now this Quinn chick, hell I couldnt even understand a damn word she said.

Banks: I know, Quinn the bimbo, this is just for you. Next time you decide to open your mouth on camera, please take the dick or tit out of your mouth so we can understand you better.

Velvet: Well put, saying that we dont talk much and we know each other well. She mentioned that little ho, Diamond, looks as if she is trying to follow in here footsteps.

They both start to laugh

Banks: Well she is on her way, rambling on about nothing she knows about and couldnt even talk right.

Velvet: Give her a break Banks, she might be mental challanged.

Banks: Ill give her a break, Ill break her neck, how is that?

Velvet: Good, look to all the women in this match, we dont care if I win or if Banks wins as long as the gold comes to the dynasty, so be prepared to get a ass whopping.

Banks: That is damn true, see you bimbos on the 24th.

Scene fades out.