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The One
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Brittney Rose and Pandora
Check DEW
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~*~Scene One~*~

Scene opens up with Velvet laying on a beach chair by a pool. She has on a black biniki outfit and sunglass. She notices us and sits up a little. She lowers her glasses some and looks at us.

Velvet: I guess you want a few words from me about my loss and my next match.

Scarlett: yes, that would be good.

Velvet: Well just hold the mic, and Ill do the rest your little bimbo, just stand there and try to look good.

Velvet looks into the camera.

Velvet: Okay, lets get one thing striaght nad out of the way, I lost to Moon but this little war we are having isnt over yet. I am just giving you a little break by facing Heaven.

Scarlett: What you mean by that?

Velvet: What, look Heaven doesnt have skills, she is just a waste of space in DEW. So after Moon beats her and I get my title shot again I will prove I am better.But on to my match at hand. i get to team up with a newcomer to DEW and maybe wreslting who knows. Me and Destiny get to face Pandora and Brittney in a tag match at the ppv. It will be a normal match but when we are done you two wont feel the same. Pandora, no matter what match I am in, you are there as well. Well I will end this at the ppv. And Brittney you will get a welcome party from hell at the ppv. I hope you two know what you are facing. For you Destiny dont cross me your Destiny will be short.

She puts her shades back up and lay back down as the cameras leave.