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     My 1991 Chevy Corsica LT

               This has been my car for the last 2 years, I bought it for a steal for $2000.00 from Hallman Chevrolet in Erie PA. It was in great shape and had only 60,000 miles. What made me do what i did to it? I have no idea... Every little thing i could think of doing to make it "different" from other cars in the area, I did... Besides the fact its a Corsica, most people don't pimp out family sedans. (Well some do, but they look pretty bad ) I like the way my car is now, and it is definately well known throughout the tri-state area. I have been entering local competitions  & sound offs in the area for the last 2 years. No big awards or anything like that, I built the system for sound quality, not how fast i can blow my windows out... although it does hit decent. anywhere from the 135-145db range.. my max was metered at 144.9db. Now the car has about 100,000 miles and still runs great. The pictures you see were taken August of 2000. except the last 2, those are from 1999. All work/modifications are done by myself.

Install Pictures

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System Specs

Head Unit Premier DEP 200 cd tuner w/changer controls (1999) (Pioneer)
Kick Panels  (2)Pioneer 3-Way 6x9's
Rear Deck  (2)Pioneer 3-Way 6x9's, (2) Pyramid Gold 4" Bullet tweeters
Subwoofers  (2) Kicker Competetion 15" 4 Ohm
High Amp  Alpine V12 MRV 301 4 Channel Amplifier
Low Amp Audio Art 50HC  High Current Amplifer running in 2ohms ( bridgable to 1/2)
Crossover Coustic XM1 High/Low frequency crossover
Speaker Wire Phoenix Gold
Power Wire Carol Cable 2ga welding cable
Alarm Alpine, and my 9mm Beretta
Radar Cobra

Well hope you like it- Later... John Z

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