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BEFORE DOWNLOADING: You must download these files or you will not be able to play or open the break dancing video clips. Download these first. If you already have winzip then just download the codinstl.exe. Also these files should work with any media player, but if they dont't work with your media player then download windows media player. Also if your default player is not playing these files right then download windows media player if your don't have it. If you have it just open the files with windows media player if windows media player isn't default.

Codinstl.exe This installs the necessary codecs for viewing these video 724KB
Winzip Program This takes files that are zip (which all of these videos are in) and converts it back to its normal format. Go to the website and go to downloads to get it  
Windows Media Player This is a media player that plays my files if your media player isn't playing my clips. Go to the website and go to downloads.  

If you have completed the above then download mah clipz. I have a lot more, but I will be putting them up later.

Name: Description: Size:
Blackout's Sixstep Blackout does sixsteps and some styles 442KB
Scorpio's Step&Swipe Scorpio does a sixstep routine to two swipes 248KB
Scorpio's Flare2mill Scorpio does a flare to windmill, only shows transition 77KB
Spyro's Figure4 Spyro does a kind of backhand spring figure four pose 179KB
Spyro's Popping Sypro does alright popping 393KB
T.K. Airtrack I do a beginner airtrack from a sixstep 88.5KB
T.K. Confusionmills I do some windmills then a couple of confusionmills 314KB
T.K. Headspinmills I do some headspins then windmills 343KB
T.K. Millcombo Look closely, I do mummies to nutcrackers to confusions and to nutcrackers windmills 346KB
T.K. Takeoffmills I take off my sweater as I windmill 363KB
Theo 1990s Theo does a round of a 1990 43KB
Theo Handspins Theo does many handspins 212KB
Theo Nutcrackers Theo does nutcracker windmills 250KB
Theo Toprock Theo shows his toprock 197KB
Twista Sixstep Twista does his sixsteps 462KB
Twista Windmill Twista does windmills 153KB
Theo Combo (New) Theo does Flare to Windmill to Backspin to Windmill to Flare 236KB
Logo Windmills (New) Logo does windmills 200KB
Theo Flares (New) Theo does 3 flares 126KB
Kreamer Crickets (New) Kreamer does 5 crickets (Mpeg file) 160KB
T.K. Airtrack (New) I do an airtrack from a turtle position (Mpeg file) 160KB