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Price: $1,399.95

SKU/Item Number: 000000

The VAIO FS640W laptop has an incredibly well- balanced design. It's slim and lightweight, yet provides an exceptional 15.4" widescreen display with Sony's original XBRITE LCD technology and Smart Display Sensor. Plus, it delivers powerful performance for your everyday essential computing needs and growing multimedia entertainment demands

Price: $6.499.99

SKU/Item Number: 000000

“50”  Panasonic Widescreen Plasma HDTV.

Price: $379.99

SKU/Item Number: 000000

IPod video has a battery life up to 14 hours and the charge time is up to 5 hours. 2.5” color LCD with LED backlight.

Apple 30GB iPod Video - French

Product name 3

Price: $1,099.99

SKU/Item Number: 000000

With the Archos 100GB DVR Portable Media Centre you can take your Videos, music, pictures and even games on the go! 7” color screen, battery life up to 30 hours of music and 4 hours of videos.  


Archos AV 700 100GB DVR Portable Media Centre

Price: $399.99

SKU/Item Number: 000000

Come with the 20GB Xbox 360, a wireless controller played on  “AA” battery that allows you to play up to 30 hours of fun and enjoying games, movies, and music.

Xbox 360 Bundle


Price: $99.99

SKU/Item Number: 000000

Phone and MP3 player with built in iTunes. Store and play up to 100 songs. 3D stereo sound. Camera with camera light.

Motorola ROKR

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This Panasonic Widescreen Plasma HDTV is perfectly suited for any Home theatre application. In addition to Panasonic’s next generation this HD panel, this TV features 3D management, and Sub control.     



Sony VAIO VGN-FS640W Intel Pentium M 730 1.60GHz Laptop