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This PSP portable 32 MB is only $279.99

©2005 A.P Electronics


©2005 A.P Electronics 



Welcome to the A..P Electronics home page. This site will allow you to buy new electronics as well as used ones. We also offer a vast majority of our products on our comparison pages, which allows you to see the and compare the products for yourself.


This is a company is a company dedicated to their work and have sold products to lots of people and we guarantee that if you don’t like your product we will give you a full refund on your product within 30 days.


We hope you find the product you need full fill your needs and so you can have fun with your product.


PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console

The price is only $1895.

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Last Updated Jan 18, 06

Sony VAIO PCV-W700G Desktop PC (2.80 GHz, Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW/CD-RW Drive)