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RBN-Royce Crews!

A List Of Royces Crews!

***Wall Street***

He started this group with a few of his friends a few years ago. They supposedly broke up or at least don't make much music now. *Listen to a song by Wall Street Here called "The Desert" WARNING:It's Tight!*

This explains the tattoo below on his upper right arm that shows a "W" connected to an "S" (More Below).

***Bad Meets Evil***

Bad Meets Evil is royce and eminem's group where royce is known as the bad half and obviously slim is known as the evil half. Right now they only have a maxi-single out called "nuttin' to do" which had 2 bad meets evil songs (Nuttin' To Do & Scary Movies)and one royce solo song (I'm The King).

The track listing is

1.Nuttin' To Do(Street Version)

2.Scary Movies(Street Version)

3.I'm The King(Street Version)

4.Nuttin' To Do(Radio Version)

5.Scary Movies(Radio Version)

6.I'm The King(Radio Version)

7.Nuttin' To Do(Instrumental Version)

8.Scary Movies(Instrumental Version)

9.I'm The King(Instrumental Version)

"Nuttin' To Do" was released on GAME Records which is also Royces label. Bad Meets Evils album is set to come out in late 2000 or in 2001. So B patient and get it once it comes out y'all.