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RBN-Royce Bio!

Royce the 5'9", who's real name is Ryan Montgomery, was born on July 7, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan. His name is derived from his height, 5'9". Nobody knows where he got "Royce" from though. Royce began rapping at the age of 18, during his last year of high school, and has benn dropping lyrics ever since. After being part of 313 Entertainment Group, and then Tommy Boy Entertainment, he finally settled with Game Recordings in early 2000.

Royce was orginally part of a Detroit born group called Wall Street, which was made up of six members: Royce 5'9", Jah 5'9", B.O., Fuge The Wiseguy, X-Government Agent, and the Hobit. There has not been any word on where this group is today, or what happened to the other 5 members.

Royce first met Eminem at an Usher concert. This was before Eminem had signed with Intercope and Aftermath Records. He was trying to sell copies of his new release "The Slim Shady EP". When he and Royce met they instantly clicked. They began working on a project that would later become known of as The Bad Meets Evil Maxi Single, released in 1999. Expect an album from either Royce or Bad Meets Evil sometime by the end of 2000 or 2001.