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'Progression Towards Goal Accomplishment'

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Jerusha Lowe Worthington MN ALC 117 11th Ave. Worthington, MN 56187




Student Projects

Welcome to SPED Worthington, MN. Our goal is to educate the public about ALC's programs and the overall goal of SPED Worthington MN. "Progression Towards Goal Accomplishment' is our motto. Browser through our site and find out how we're accomplishing our goals. Thanks for visiting!

Senior Spotlight

Spotlight on our Seniors!

Mr. Isreal Melendez suggests to underclassmen: "Enjoy school becuase it's the best years of your life." Read More

Mr. Jon Melendez's favorite film is "Belly" and his future plans are to "attend college" Read More


ALC Students Participate in Nation Food Shelter Week. We were informed by Mr. Knapp a few weeks back that it was National Food Shelter week. Our teacher Mrs. Lowe came up with an idea to help the Manna Food Pantry which is a food shelter

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Poverty in America. Why is there a higher percentage of people living at the poverty level now than fifty years ago? Perhaps it is because of the hurricane that hit the south last year.

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Pictures and Links

SPED Worthington MN introduces a variety of pictures for the public to view the students in action. At left, a student is installing electircal wiring in a building structure.


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