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LiLTeTe dat Lyrical_Ghetto_Dime

What da deal peoples? Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy it. first let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I am the light that can brighten your darkest day, the nice relaxing bubble bath in which you use to soothe your mind,body, and soul. I am a strong independent beautiful thick in the theighs 5'2, cherry brown complextion young African American women, who is going somewhere in life. I am a lover of the preforming arts rather it drama, dance,painting or wirting. Lover of music and how it can soothe your mind and body after a hard days work. I'm compassinate to others feeling because I to have been hurt by those so close. Respectful in everyway that I can be because I was taught at a young age respect is two way street. I expect nothing but the best in life and I won't settle for nothing less and to be the best doesn't always mean expensice just what I consider, my pet peeve is when you judge a book book by its cover, your judgement is not alway correct. I like the sentimental things because those are the things that have meaning. I am that goofty person who makes ya want to take me to charter to collect your $500. With the body of a goddess and the wisdom beyond my years. I am unlike any girl you have ever met. I am the one you take to meet the parents but that freak nasty in the bedroom. Knowledge beyond which you or anyone can see I have been here before and shall succeed in life.

Wuz Up Peoples!! How Iz Everyone on the Net! I know most of ya'll are happy to see that my page has been updated. Yeah an update!!! I've been hella busy so my pages has been a little neglected :( its sad I know. There is a little additon for those of ya'll who likes to look at my pretty picture. Now lets get to know the real BrOnZe GodDSs. My friends would say my personality is unlike othas cause you can never tell what I'm gonna do, wear,say, etc. I love to make people laugh and I love to laugh. I like to have a good time and I want other people to feel like they can be themselves around me. I try not to act stuck up or snobby, like I'm the shit, or forget where I come from. yes I said bitch cause I'm Beautiful Intelligant Talented Cunning Horny; so you see I'm all these things so I guess that does make me a bitch but I ain't to worried about all these things cause most of the people dat be running dere mouths be dem wannabe's and dem hatas ya heard and for those who having problems with them hatas remeber this: "shake them hatas off" and "Stay away from the hataraid"

For those who don't know I am one of Nelly's biggest fans. I consider myself to know mostly everything on Nelly. I met Nelly July 8, summer of 2000 in St.Louis Mo. Now know I was liking Nelly before I went to the STL but you know dat made me like em even more because he really is nice to his fans even though we were freakin' out and I was like now you know you gota sign my CD cause I had just brought it that week and I couldn't put it down and til this day I still can't. Nelly is my favorite aritst because as he tells you in Ride wit' me that people doubted his flow and people doubt my skills all the time and look he made so I'm thinking if I want it bad enough I can make ya feel me but that's just aprt of the reason I like Nelly and that's all ya'll need to know. cool

I'm known around my school for they way I carry myself yes I do walk around with myhead held high that's because I'm proud of how I am. My whole thing is don't knock me for anything unless you know the facts so that means don't talk about me, judge me, turn your nose up at me etc. Cause one day when you least expect it you might need my help I might just remember the time you talked about, turned your nose up, etc. I am a good person and I do go out my way for people if I feel the need to but in order for this to happen I have to know that you are truly a person who is going to aparcite what I do and know that I'm grateful for anything anybody does for me. That's just a little insight on how I feel about peoples dese days.

If you feel dat you can relate to what and you might like to get to know me a little beter then hit me up with a e-mail . by just click on the mailbox or sign my g-book and leave yours so that I can get back to you.

I hope that you have enjoyed my page Come back now ya hear!!! Shouts to all my peeps you know how you are!!! Remember to live life to tha fullest cause one minute you can be here and tha next you can be gone. I'm tryna say go out and do some wild and crazy *ish* you have it take it a day at a time but live it to tha fullest don't do any thing you know our gonna regreat aight ...Te

You on't want no one stopping by your house and you not know it......So on that note hit tha g-spot(sign tha guestbook) ~ghost~

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