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Christmas Day, December 25, 2000.

As I was wishing a friend from Florida a Merry Christmas, she reminded me of the fact that as Jonah's web site is being updated, there is nothing from me on it and my involvement in Jonah's life. Mark pretty much controls the web site and bless his heart for doing so, but it doesn't mention me a whole lot. I want to take this opportunity to share with the people that are my friends and family that Jonah and I spend a lot of quality time together.

I have had the best Christmas that I could ever have hoped for. As I think of what could have been, I have so much to be thankful for. I could be mourning the loss of my only child, and instead, I get to celebrate his life, the progress he is making and the great time we spend together.

Mark and I share our time with Jonah. I usually bring him into my world on long weekends. He continually has "homework" from his Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapist. He attends a weekly session at the Phillips Eye Institute for his vision deficiencies and there are daily exercises that take up a lot of time. His Visual Occupational Therapist, Jane, has done much to improve his vision. His eyes do not converge and do not fuse together. In other words, he sees one thing with one eye and another with the other eye. Plus he has a black spot on his right side.

Jonah's special interests are coming back. He is again involved in his music and his art.
When Mark went to St. Louis to bring back Jonah's belongings, he brought his collection of albums, turntables, mixer, etc. along with airbrush equipment. These things are Jonah's passion and he is once again getting involved with what is important to him. In other words, Jonah as his "person" is coming back. He was in denial for quite some time and now recognizes his deficiencies and what he needs to do to overcome them. What is so wonderful is that he has not separated from who he was before the injury and who he is now.

I have been recognizing this about him, and last week it was very refreshing to hear one of his therapists say this…..
"Most people who have a head injury have separated themselves from who they were before the injury and who they are now. Jonah has not lost that sense of "self". He truly knows who he was and who he is and who he wants to be." Jonah has a good self esteem that he has not lost."

Another thing I learned about people with brain injuries is that many have behavioral problems. They lash out, get angry, abuse the ones they love, loose control in social situations, have sleep problems, have serious depression, etc. Jonah has not exhibited any of these symptoms. He has always been a "sweetheart" and since his injury, this quality is a part of who he is every minute of the day. He is very passionate about life. He freely expresses his love and gratitude to the people who are important to him. He deeply misses his friends in St. Louis and feels a loneliness for them. I've heard from a couple of his friends that some don't know how to reach him. Let me take this opportunity to say that Jonah's connection with his past and his friendships are of utmost importance to him. Just put yourself in his place for one minute and you'll understand. He can be reached by calling or writing to my address:

Jonah Anderson
1880 East Shore Drive
Maplewood, MN 55109
email address:

When Jonah is spending time with me we are very active. I involve him in family activities with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. His Dad and I also make sure he stays in contact with friends that he had when he lived here.

I like going out and listening to live music (particularly rhythm and blues). I've involved Jonah several times on outings with my friends as we listen to bands and he has enjoyed that immensely. Last week we actually got him out on the dance floor. It's great to see him smile, laugh and move his body to the rhythm. It doesn't take much to please Jonah. He is such a trooper and rarely complains. He is the total joy in my life and I always look forward to him staying with me.

The goal is to get him to live independently. We, as parents, family and friends, have a major role to play in this process. Jonah is trying very hard and pretty much does as he's told. Encouragement goes a long ways! Soon he will begin Vocational Counseling. One step at a time and hopefully Jonah will be a self-sufficient young man that he yearns to be. Jonah has his dreams of once again starting up his own business. He has a deep passion for life and now realizes how it was almost taken from him.

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time and interest to tap into this web site. To get to know Jonah on a different level and to pray for his recovery. You are part of this journey … a path in a young man's life that was changed by a random act of violence.

I am constantly reminded of Love in this Holiday Season, and that Jonah is the real winner here. The two brothers who did this to him are in prison. They are not surrounded by love. Jonah is the victim and he is surrounded by more love than he ever could have imagined.

God Bless all of you who continue to be a part of our lives. We love you.
And the prayers are making a difference. Please continue to remember him.

Kathy Krauter

Written on July 27, 2000

I have realized the true meaning of "Time waits for no one".
One minute your life is moving along in a normal fashion and the next minute it is disrupted and you're on a whole new journey. A journey that requires you to trust like you've never trusted, to have strength that you didn't know you had, and to stay focused and positive every minute.

I arrived in St. Louis from Minnesota where I live, the morning after Jonah's surgery. I stayed with him for 3 ½ weeks. As I write this on July 27th, I am back in MN but plan to return to be with him as soon as I can and my job will allow.

At first his progress was very slow - almost unnoticeable for someone like me who was standing by, anxiously waiting for him to get better. In the past couple of days, he has made tremendous progress. I feel it is miraculous! Jonah is a very strong willed young man. I feel that the passion he has for life and for his art is helping him to recover. He had a lot of plans in the works right before this happened - plans that would have taken him to a whole new, exciting level with his art. I am hopeful that he is now remembering what those plans are and will be inspired by them. God has spared Jonah's life and has given him a second chance and he's now on a new path. I am so very proud and privileged to be his mother.

I have learned first hand what love, support and the power of prayer can do. I truly have felt the prayers and have gained strength from them. I honestly don't know how I would have handled this from the beginning if it had not been for all of you who have called, emailed, sent cards, made financial contributions, and most importantly have been there in prayer for us.

God placed many wonderful, caring people in my life during my stay in St. Louis. You now have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget you. To my new St. Louis friends and to my personal close friends and family, I want to send a special thank you for your support and kindness - it means the world to me.

I am also very touched by the many emails that Jonah has received on his message board. Messages from family, current friends, old friends and people who have never met him. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers. I'm sure Jonah will get so much enjoyment and inner strength from reading them.

Yes, time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present!

Thank you everyone and God Bless you.

Kathy Krauter
Jonah's Mom