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YWAM Palawan - Puerto Princesa

Welcome to the YWAM Puerto Princesa Homepage! Explore this website for a photo tour of the base and city, as well as information on all the ministries and schools we offer. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. We welcome outreach teams, students, volunteers, and long term staff.

The Island of Palwan is a long sliver to the west of the main part of the Philippines. It's distance away gives it a well deserved "last frontier" aura. Puerto Princesa is right in the middle of the Island of Palawan, a 24 hour boat ride or 1 hour flight from Manila.

Housing at the YWAM Palawan Base

View from the Palawan Base

One of the unique things with Palawan is the amazing island beaches. From our present location, it only takes about ten minutes to the area where one takes the boat to Snake Island (where this photo was taken). It will take up to 30 minutes boatride to reach it. The base always makes it a part of school and team experience to visit this lovely island.

---To Contact YWAM Puerto Princesa---

Youth With A Mission PPC
PO Box 235
5300 Puerto Princesa

Telephone numbers: 00639194564954(Barbie)
00639185660436(Arthur Banganan)

To Contact Puerto Princessa YWAM by email

---To send donations---

For local/foreign deposit: RCBC Palawan Branch
YWAM SA # 1-368-36912-4 (Peso)
YWAM SA # 8-368-00111-3 (Dollar)

For foreign donations in checks:
Write checks payable to "University of the Nations" and mail to:
YWAM Acct. Dept.
75-5851 Kuakia Highway
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
(Please write on a seperate note for whom and for what the donation is designated) Thank you!

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