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YWAM Olongapo photos

YWAM Olongapo has rescued women from prostitution (there are still a number of clubs, discos and bars where it goes on) and provides housing, disciplship and training for them.

YWAM also has provided schooling for children of those disciples as well as for children living in the community.

Olongapo is located north of Manila, in the northwestern part of the Philippines.

Base Leader: Virgie Bok

This website only is a photo album mostly from around 2003. The official YWAM Olongapo website is located at:

2003 YWAM Olongapo photo album
Ministry to Prostitutes - photos 2003
Micro Enterprises - photos 2003
Childrens schooling - photos 2003
Base house tour - downstairs - photos 2003
Base house tour - upstairs - photos 2003
YWAM Olongapo people - photos 2003
City tour - traffic 2003
2003 City tour - Markets 2003
Subic Bay - Entrance & Flags 2003
Subic Bay - Beach 2003
Subic Bay - Night Fair 2003
City tour - Monuments 2003

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