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Dave's Photos of YWAM Baguio

These are photos taken in and around of the YWAM Bagiou base around 2004. Situated amidst pine-covered hills, with its cool climate, Baguio is the Philippines' summer capital. This city lies within Benguet Province and is about 45 minutes flight from Manila or six (6 hours) by land. It is a major tourist destination and the nearest thing to a mountain retreat this tropical, humid country possesses.

Located in the mountainous region of Cordillera, 1,500 meters above the sea, 250 kilometers north of Manila, Baguio City is one of the few place in the Philippines blessed with a cool climate. On average, Baguio is at least eight degrees cooler than any place in the lowlands. It is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions which make it an important and interesting destination. As early as March, tourists and locals take the six-hour trek up the zigzagging Kennon Road. Within a mile of the city, the sweet scent of pine trees and flowers already permeate the air.

The YWAM Baguio Training Center main house, conveniently just across the parking lot from the airport. It is in a nice area with public transport available into the city.

The YWAM Baguio Training Center has run University of the Nations schools including Family Ministry School the Discipleship Training School, and the Crossroads Discipleship Training School.
Baguio City is north of Manila, in the northern part of the Philippines. It is the northernmost city labeled in blue lettering on this map.

YWAM Baguio Base
YWAM Baguio Staff
Main YWAM Baguio House
Lecture hall - teaching and Worship
Dining Room
Office and other Misc. Rooms
Upstairs rooms

Area near the YWAM Base
Loakan Airport next to the base
Runway at Loakan Airport
Heavens Garden Cemetery

Tour of the City of Baguio
Downtown Baguio
Downtown Market
Burnham Park
Burnham Park - Lagoon & Animal Boats
Baguio Cathedral - Exterior
Baguio Cathedral - Monuments & Interior
SM Mall
Cemetery of Negativity
Philippine Academy
Mines View Park
Icorat Garden, The Lion & the Manion
Botanical Garden
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