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Slum area

The slums in Bacolod have people hidden from view, living in tiny shacks made out of scraps of old metal or wood and a mish-mash of other castoff materials. having no land of their own, they squat on other people's unused properties.

These photos are of a slum within walking distance of the former YWAM ministry center. Many children from the slum attended the Bible Club and other ministry events.

Bridge leading to the slum

The slums in Bacolod, like this one, are mostly found along rivers, as the river functions as their laundromat, bath facility and toilet.

Thousands live in these slums in Bacolod, which the government officials view as a nuisance. Their children live outside the loving provision of God. Parents often have to choose which child they will feed or fight to keep alive.

These slum villages are truly like a city whose walls are broken down and they have been plundered and their children are left dying in the streets.

Bible Club part 1 (Children arriving)
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