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Nieghborhood around the training house

Photo taken on Lizares Ave. about a block west of where the base was. The spire of Lupit church (which is across the street from the base) is visible in the distance.

A policeman directs traffic at the intersection closest to the base, Lizares Ave. and Lacson St.

Some shops are on this intersection, including the very useful internet cafe on Lacson St. (Though it is a bit crowded at times when the students are there playing their interactive computer games)

Also on that intersection on Lizares is Emily's Homestyle Bakeshop, with tasty treats "From the kitchen of Emily S. Vicencia."

Lizares Ave. and Lacson St., the intersection a block from the former base, can be found on most Bacolod maps as it is not far from downtown.

Behind the former YWAM Hacienda House property is a school where students can be seen and heard rehearsing coordinated exercises to orchestrial music in the mornings.

Originally known as the Rizal Institute, the Rizal Elementary School on Araneta Street is the first educational institution established by the Americans in Bacolod City in 1 901. To date, it boasts of a "Rizal Mini-Park" constructed to commemorate the centennial year of Rizalís death.

Friendly children from Rizal Elementary

Lupit Church (Across the street from the Hacienda House)
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