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Tribal Ministry

The first tribe targeted by YWAM Abra were the Adasens. They live in the northern tip of Abra. A mission group did Bible Translation work among this tribe before. Two staff joined the Tabilla family in 1991. A church planting work was started among the Adasens in 1993.

The Adasen, Mabaka, Binongan, Gubang, Masidi-it and Banao tribes are considered to be among the unreached people groups in Northern Philippines. They have a combined population of around 17,000. Tribal Churches are needed to be planted among these groups.

Community development is also needed in many of these tribal areas. Villages, particularly remote ones, don't have adequate health care services. There is also a need for livelihood development. This kind of ministry is a good tool in evangelism.

Students of the Mountain Province DTS crossing the Lacub Hanging Bridge en route to outreach in the Mabaca Tribes region in October 2002.

Harvest time for the pagamao and Adsen tribes. Pictured left to right are Oscar, Betty, Tatang Pagtailan and Rodel Galang. (December 1993)

Daily Vacation Bible School, held in the village of Bunes, for children in the Mabaca tribe. (May 1997)


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