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YWAM Bangued, Abra - 2003

A ministry of YWAM International
Last updated April 20, 2010

YWAM Abra is centered in Bangued (viewable on this map), which is is the largest city in the province of Abra. Bangued is located north of Baguio (which is north of Manila) in the northernmost area of the Philippines.

Abra is a landlocked province located on the western side of the Cordillera in Northern Luzon, the Philippines biggest Island. it is approximately 400 kilomentres north of Manila. Abra has 27 towns and 303 barangays (each barangay has 1-3 villages). The climate is dry from November to April and wet from May till October.

The province is populated by the Ilocanos from a neighboring province, ten tribal groups often called the Tingguians, and also some Muslim entrepreneurs from the south. most of the people in Abra are animists or practice a mix of animism and nominal Christianity.

Traffic Scene in downtown Bangued, which is the capital of Abra district. This city is the center of politics, commerce, media and other influences that shape the life of the province. there is some opportunity to reach out to schools, jails, hospitals and a military camp here.

The Discipleship House, located in the village of Mudiit, Dolores, just outside of the city of Bangued. Sometimes schools are run here and the house is an in-town headquarters for the tribal ministry staff to return to periodically between their times in the tribal areas.

View of the mountains from the river near the house. It's up in the nearby mountain regions where the tribes are that YWAM is working with.

The staff family of YWAM Abra

YWAM Abra directors Luz and Santi Tabilla with Discipleship House staff Manolo, David and Fernando.

The Tabilla family
In the middle of Septmeber 2002 the Tabilla family moved to the town of Penarubia, which is a 15 minute motorized tricycle ride from Bangued. The children remain enrolled in their former Bangued schools and commute every day, getting up a five o' clock in the morning! The Tabillas are involved in Jesus Our Life Church where they now attend.

Santi has had the chance to teach in some Discipleship Training Schools in the Philippines on the topic of Biblical World View and Discipling a Nation. Luz helped as a staff at the Missionary Care Course in October 2002 at the YWAM Baguio base. Kristin Joy turned 13 in 2002 and James Ephraim (12) is doing well with his studies while Nehem Paul is also doing well.

The Tabillas pioneered YWAM Bangued in 1990.

Present Ministries in YWAM Abra

Tribal Church Planting
Campus/Student ministry
Student Sponsorship Ministry
Church Ministry
Missions Mobilization
Daily Vacation Bible School
Youth Camps
Indigenous Leadership Institute

Planned Ministries
Discipleship Training Course
Discipling various Institutions
Community Development

You are invited to partner with us at YWAM Abra. We need:
*Prayer support
*Financial support for the ministries
*Short term volunteers
*Short term outreach teams (especially for tribal ministry! This sort of outreach can be more physically difficult but also quite fruitful.
Long term staff. Come join us!

YWAM Bangued Abra Contact Information.
Contact us for more information or if you would live to receive our newsletter.

Lorenzo Masigman
Youth With A Mission
Mampia-an Compound
Calaba, Bangued
2800 Abra

Cell: +639212758241


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