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YWAM Honolulu Aloha Day

The first day of YWAM Honolulu schools is "Aloha Day," a welcoming and orientation time. The meeting during the first part of the day is held in the Tin Cathedral, the largest meeting place on the base.

Discipleship Training School (DTS) students introducing themselves

School of Biblical Studies Core Course (SBSCC) students

Danny Lehmann giving some of the history of the YWAM Honolulu base and YWAM International

Tua Meafua, one of the base directors

Everyone gathering in the yard next to the tin for pupus (snacks)

YWAM Honolulu Base Photos
Aloha welcome at Tin Cathedral
Tin cathedral
Picnic Tables dining area
Ohana, Manoa & Mauka Houses
Creek House
Quonset Hut, Hospitality, Halekoa House
Base Luau
Base Staff - part 1
Base staff - part 2
Outreach Teams Commissioning

Photos of the area around the YWAM Honolulu base
Aerial Views of YWAM base
Manoa Valley Rainbows
Manoa Marketplace
University of Hawaii at Manoa - 1
University of Hawaii at Manoa - 2

City of Honolulu photos
Tantalus viewpoint
Ala Moana Park
Diamond Head Crater
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Area
Evangelism - at Waikiki & Hotel Street

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