Below is our questionnaire, please "copy and paste" it onto an e-mail, answering as best you can and adding what else you'd like to share with us.

If you have any problem's, let me know and I can e-mail it directly to you.

"Thanks in advance for taking the time to let me get to know you better!"

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Please fill out the following questionnaire as completely as possible and we will get back to you promptly. The purpose of these question's is to help us get to know you better and make sure we make the best "match/fit" for your lifestyle.

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Address: including City/ Town and State

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Email Address:

Best Time to Call:

Occupation: and typical work schedule

List all Adults and children in household, along with ages and occupations.


Do you own or rent your home?

Do you live in a: House, Apartment , Townhouse , Other:

If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to keep a dog?


If no fence or kennel run how will you handle the dogs exercise and toilet needs?

Do you have a suitable dog crate?


Is everyone in your household in agreement on getting a new pup?

Are any members of you household allergic to animals?

Please describe your lifestyle: active, passive or in-between?

Who in the household will have the main responsibility of caring for this dog?

How many hours a will the dog be alone?

Where will the dog stay when you are not home?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Do you plan on keeping this dog primarily, indoors or outdoors?

Where will the dog stay when indoors?


Do you own other dogs?

Spayed / Neutered?

Please list breed, size, and gender of each:

Do you own cats?

If yes, how many?

Any other animals?

If yes, please describe:

How many dogs have you owned in the past ten years?

If you do not still own the dog(s), please describe what happened to it (them). Please be specific.

Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder?

If so, what were the circumstances?

Have you ever given a pet away?

If so, what were the circumstances?

Have you ever taken a pet to the pound or shelter?

If so, what were the circumstances?

Have you owned a Labrador Retriever before?

Why did you choose this breed?

Will this dog be a

A. Pet/Companion/Family Member
B. Hunting/Field Dog
C. Show/Conformation
D. Agility
E. Breeding potential
F. Therapy/Special Needs Dog
G. Search and Rescue Working Dog
H. Combination of above
I. Other

If you chose H or I as the answer to the last question, please explain.

Will you be attending any training classes?
We urge you do do so.

Do you have a regular vet?

If yes, what is his/her:




May I call for a reference?


At what age would you like to get the puppy (8 weeks is the minimum)?

What is your ideal time frame to bring your puppy home (now, within the next month, etc.)?

Are you willing to add your name to a waiting list for the ideal puppy?

SEX - I would like a Female, Male or no preference:

COLOR - I would prefer a Yellow, Chocolate, Black or no preference (please include a 2nd choice if you are flexible):

Are you willing to consider an older puppy or adult instead of an 8-10 wk old pup?

If so, what is your maximum age limit?

Do you plan on breeding this dog?

If so why?

If breeding is in your plans, do you agree to a co-ownership and/or limited registration until I am satisfied the dog has had all necessary clearances and has real breeding potential?

If you are not going to show in conformation or breed your dog, do you agree to spay or neuter it no sooner than 9 months of age and no later than 18 months of age?
We do NOT want puppies neutered prior to 9 months, more on that when we talk.


Do you understand that Labrador Retrievers are social dogs that thrive in a family situation, given ample exercise, playtime, and training?

Do you understand that having a puppy is a big responsibility and commitment to the dog for the duration of its life (8 to 15 years)?

Do you understand that when you bring a new puppy into your home you can expect to lose sleep the first few nights because the pup may cry, whine, and bark a lot?

Do you understand that it will need to go outside every 4 to 6 hours overnight to relieve itself the first few weeks until it can "hold it" through the night?

Do you agree to take the dog to a vet regularly and as needed to keep the dog healthy and current on all vaccinations?

Do you agree that if for any reason you can no longer keep the dog (other than health reasons covered by our guarantee), to return it to Whipowil Labradors and receive no refund or replacement for the dog?

Our puppies are priced on average between 900.00 and 1,200.00, the price depends on the Titles and pedigrees of the Sire & Dam of litter, sometimes an older puppy or young adult is available for about the same price.

To be added to the waiting list a 200.00 **refundable deposit is expected.
Once the litter is whelped I'll contact you regarding the availability of "your" puppy this point you'll have the option to either commit to your puppy, thus making the deposit **non-refundable or to have a full refund of your deposit BUT if there is not a puppy for you, I'll either return the total deposit OR apply it to a future litter.........that will be your option. Please ask any questions regarding this matter.

If we are placing an older Adult "over 5 yrs" or rescue there will be a nominal adoption fee to help cover some of the expenses incurred by us for that particular dog.

How did you hear about us?

Do you have any additional questions that have not already been answered by the extensive information available on our website?

Have you ever been on a "waiting list" for a puppy ? If so, please share what that experience was like?

Is there any additional information you would like to add?

Thank you for investing this time in your search for your next "Best Friend"

I look forward to speaking with you soon !!

*E-Mail Us @ our Yahoo mail address*