UPDATED on 6-20-07...

Annie x Morgan boy "Chester" DOB 4-25-07 on his 1st day in his new home

we have taken lots of pictures of Winchester in his new home, but selected three that we're trying to send you. He loves the water! He's been swimming, rolling around in the sand and went on his first kayak trip today. But best of all he likes to rest with Burt in the evening.

Thanks for such a wonderful pup! He's absolutely perfect! He's doing well; he whined a little in his crate the first night but only for a minute then settled right in. Burt's making his first wellness appointment for later this week.

I will probably send the three pictures selected separately. I'm too good at this!


from the owner of a Charlie x Florence son

Well, Reuben had his one year checkup. First blood draw...........did not even flinch !! What a brave boy he is. 58 pounds. All his tests came back negative. Phew. He is a solid square compact dog. I could not have custom ordered him any better. Nothing ruffles him. My whole house is crawling with electricians, plumbers, HVAC men, roofers and vinyl siding installers. Reuben does not worry one tiny bit. Hammers banging everywhere, sounds that are so unnatural for him and he never questions or barks. Almost 16 months old now, the time is going by too fast.

Thank you for my PERFECT Lab.

Enjoy your snowstorm..........6+ inches for you guys........................Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee, dogs love snow. I think we, here in Chelmsford, are forecast for 1-4 inches.


from an Annie x Morgan puppy family

Hi Bev,

It's been a while. It's hard to believe Moby is almost 9 months old. He is about 70 lbs. and absolutely gorgeous. People stop us all the time when we are walking to tell us what a beautiful dog he is. I've attached a couple of pictures. The one where he is lying down was just taken today and the other one was taken back in December. I registered him as Whipowil's Majestic Moby and I really feel he is majestic looking. He is the most beautiful color and his coat is so shiny. I just wanted you to know that he is very happy and very loved and we are lucky to have him as part of our family. Thanks for a great dog! I'll send more pictures when he is a year. I hope all is well with you and your family. Happy New Year!

Kate Seuch
Fairfield, CT

Hi Bev,

i was looking at your family album on the website and the pic of Trudy looks just like Greta!!! She is already almost 11 months old! She is kooky and a testing adolescent. We have enrolled her in Doggie Day Care 1 day a week so she can play with other dogs and have a fun day. She and Daddy ( Al) have been taking long walks in the woods in the snow and she loves it! Mommy takes her for shorter walks and both of us love it! She is 60 lbs and has Trudy's wonderful shiny coat! She is such a beauty! I'll take some new pics this weekend and send them to you. Hope all is well with you!

Thanks for the notes and jokes!


a Woody x Trudy boy's family writes

Hi Bev,

Indy is a great addition to our family!! He and Tucker spend a lot of time playing together inside and outside in the snow. He also goes to work with me everyday and is loved by my co-workers and boss! He has been a wonderful puppy and sooo smart!

Thank you and we'll keep in touch.

Holly Boyd

below, in response to a picture of my new puppy "Tag" from wonderful folks that have had dogs from us over the past 12 yr's

Oh, this makes me want another!! He is precious. Jillian went crazy when she saw him. She has been super with Bodie. She is very responsible and so caring. Bodie loves them both. At night I hear him walking into both their rooms before he comes and settles on his bed in our room. Sometimes he'll take one of their stuffed animals and sleep on it. They get a kick out of that! He doesn't realize yet how to jump fully on the bed..wait until that happens...he'll never sleep on his bed again!

It's ironic that I got your email this morning. We had our friends from Sebago here in Ma last night for supper and they loved Bodie! They all knew Monte and Gracie and they couldn't believe how handsome and mellow Bodie was. I'm telling you everyone that meets Bodie wants one of your Labs!!!



just wanted to say hello and happy holidays. The puppies are all growing so fast and are doing great. Jager is so smart he can sit, lay down, stay, wait, and almost shake!! He also will fetch the ball and put it right into your hand. Pretty impressive for 4 mths old. Definitely the brains of the bunch!!! (don't tell the others I said that!!) He is also the most aggressive of the three so it's probably good he ended up with us because we have the most energy for him. Here are a couple pictures of him and one of all three, I'm having problems sending pics right now so I have to send them as attachments. Sorry.

Happy holidays

Andrew, Tatum, and Jager


I thought you would be excited to learn that Willow has successfully passed her Canine Good Citizen Test. The test was given on the last session of the pre-novice class at Saccarappa a week ago Tuesday.

When we visited you to choose Willow, you met our other two dogs. Sadly Layla had to be put to sleep last Friday evening. She was a wonderful dog and great companion and was 11 1/2 years old. Recently it was determined that she was very anemic and her condition changed dramatically on Friday evening and the kindest thing that we could do was to not let her suffer.



I just wanted to let you know that we are having a blast! We love him so much and we named him Josey. Lily almost died when she saw him it was such an awesome moment! Thank you so much! We are sending you lobsters this week so please let me know when you’ll be home so we send them at the right time. Please let me know about the girl puppy when you decide, I told Rob (my mom’s boyfriend) about her and he was so excited! I promise that if you decide not to keep her he would be the best person to have her. He has raised dogs his whole life and he’s just wonderful with them! I will send you pictures as our new baby grows! Thank you so much I can’t even explain how much we love him already! Take care!

~Stella, John, Lily, Cameron and Josey

Hi Bev,

Would you share your address so that we can send you our Christmas card. Jillian is eager to send it off!!

Bodie is outstanding. He is so sweet. He now weighs 20lbs and will be starting training next week. He loves going to the schoolyard and see all the kids. He is so great with them. People ask me constantly "Where did you get him? He is so gentle!" I have sung your praises to everyone!! My vet has complimented you numerous times on his appearance and temperment. Everytime we go for our puppy checks, he has to visit with him. He loved Monte and Gracie. And now Bodie is right up there with them.

Thank you for my wonderful friend

below, a great note from folks that have a Bo x Scout daughter and an older girl that is a Granddaughter of our sweet Bonnie

Dear Bev,

Autumn, our new puppy born the end of August, is growing quickly and learning lots from Molly, age 9 1/2. Here is a photo from a recent morning walk in Harvard Yard.

Wishing you, Dennis and the labs a Happy Christmas, Blessings,

Amey, Mark, Molly, Autumn and the boys

from the owner of a Magic x Trudy daughter







Attached is a picture of Willow taken a few weeks ago. We are really enjoying her and she is a fast learner. I see signs already that she will make an excellent tracking dog. She seems very focused on the track, has her nose down and enjoys finding the articles.

Bob Cuzner

a Florence x Charlie boy's owner writes.....

Hi Bev,

Reuben James is doing great. He will be one year old next month. Unbelievable. I took him kayaking last month. What a cutie, I wish I had brought my camera. He had on his bright yellow life vest ( I know it seems weird to put a born swimmer in a PDF, but I am a very overprotective MOM).

He is 22", just like brother Woody. He is 61.9 pounds. Loves to swim and retrieve balls, he'll go non stop if I don't rein him in. Reuben will never get fat, that is for sure. He is the light of our life. I could not ask for him to be any more gentlemanly and calm.

Once the hot weather goes, I will get him into agility, just for fun. My days of running are a mere memory. He loves school and he loves to learn. Should have called him "Einstein"


from the owner of a littermate to "Sadie"

Hi Bev,

I just thought I'd give you a Moby update. He's really doing great and we just love him to pieces! He's 31 lbs. and growing daily. I think he's going to turn into a moose! His training is going great - he sits, stays, comes and we're working on down and drop, he's just what we were hoping for. He's really lovable and he's just gorgeous. I've attached a few pictures that we took in Maine last week. I hope all is well with you and I'll keep you posted.


Bob & George are much loved by their "Mom" Sheila Cranney.

below is a recent post from Sheila

Beverly Beverly Beverly, how are you??

I had another person ask about my dogs, and so I had to send her the link and of course I had to look around on your website and see what was new...........I should be banned from looking!

This woman is my neighbor and she had a chocolate lab that died of cancer a few years ago and she is ready to do it again, I see that they are due in September, do you have a line forming for those too? Im not sure if she wanted a boy or a girl.

Hi Beverly:

Jazz is settling in just fine. She is a lovely puppy and everyone adores her. She is eating well and sleeping well (at night she is in the mudroom with my other lab who has agreed to babysit her at night for awhile). I have baby gates up everywhere so she can be confined to the mudroom at night and in the kitchen otherwise. She’s learning to go outside to pee as I’ve got her on a regular schedule to be outside and for walks. She’s tolerating a collar well and a leash kinda sort of---as much as any new pup. She is chewing like mad and my older lab started chewing up her nylabones last night---perhaps to show who is the big cheese. I went out today and bought these 24” Bully Bones that are supposedly digestible. I figure if the dogs keep chewing things up then I’ll keep getting bigger and better “bones”. Soon I’ll be dragging in a dinosaur bone for the 2 of them.

The kids are doing great with Jazz and vice versa. She has done well with the neighborhood kids as well. Bottom line is that she is a wonderful combination of happy, energetic, puppy with a nice underlying mellow lab spirit. She is gonna keep us on our toes for awhile but she is a fun puppy and I know she is going to be a great dog. We’ll see our vet on Monday for her shot updates.

Thanks so much for all of your help in bringing Jazz into our family. We’ll stay in touch.


Hi Bev!!!

We wanted to write to you and update you on Finley (Magic X Trudy 3-8-06). It's hard to believe that he's just about 8 months old! Words cannot express how happy we are with him. If we could have built the perfect Lab, he would be Finley. He's everything we wanted and more. He has the sweetest disposition I've ever seen. He is a true member of our family. He never likes to be by himself when we're home. If I'm at the kitchen sink doing dishes, he's laying right at my feet. If Mike is on the computer, Finley is right under the desk at Mike's feet. Night time is special. Michael is in bed and we sit on the floor with Finley and brush him while he just lays there, sometimes chewing his rawhide bone. He's so relaxing to be around! Most of the time he falls asleep while laying there. Boy, is he a LOUD snorer!! It's so cute! When it's his bed time, I'll try to get him into his crate and he'll just roll onto his back and won't budge! It's so funny to try to roll him over and get him standing. He'll just roll the other way. Even though he's tired, he'd rather sleep on the floor snuggled up against one of us. Once he's in his crate, he loves it and sleeps soundly all night. He loves going on walks! I have never heard a dog smell or sniff as loud as Finley. We are amazed at what he sniffs out. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack! On walks, he sniffs out all sorts of things, it's incredible.

Mike gets a kick out of his retriever, or lack of retriever, skills! He'll throw a stick and Finley will run over to it, pick it up, and then run back towards Mike, running right past him, and then just lays down and starts chewing on the stick. Then it turns into a huge game of chase to get the stick from him! That's our son's favorite part. Finley will let him get within 2 inches of the stick, and just as Michael reaches out to grab it, Finley is off like the wind! This goes on until Michael is tired. Finley then goes back to contently chewing on his stick, knowing he's the winner!

So many people have commented on how wonderful his temperament is. They are amazed how well behaved and calm he is, especially for a puppy. He is just such an easy, happy-go-lucky dog. You have a special gift, Bev, when it comes to raising Labradors. We are proud to be owners of one of your puppies! Finley already weighs a solid 75-80lbs. He is going to be a big boy! He is a beautiful dog with a shiny black coat and sparkly brown eyes. In other words, he's absolutely PERFECT! Thank you Bev for everything! We'll keep you updated!


The Porter Family


thanks again. we just love our sophie. Here are a few pictures. She rode home excellent and is having a blast in the back yard. She also went in her crate and slept.


Hi Bev,

Hard to believe a week has passed!! Bodie is adjusting quite nicely. No whining at night, but he doesn't like the crate during the day when we go out. He is rapidly becoming spoiled. He thinks he is a lap dog!! We love him sooo much!! Oh, he got his first bath because of a poop accident. He didn't like that too much. He is a huge hit with all the neighborhood kids. I've met people that I didn't even know and we've lived here 9 years!! Hope all is well at home. It must be quiet. Enjoy it, since it never lasts long enough!!

Hi, This may be a resend again. I named him Muddy Waters. He learned it so quick. He is such a good puppy. I forgot how sharp those little teeth are. My niece taught him to sit in her first hour of baby sitting. She thinks he's genius! I love him so much!! I sent along some photos my friend took. He will be on my xmas card this year! anyway, I hope you are well.


Hey Bev,

Dear Lord are all of your dog's this mellow????? :-) She goes in her crate at 11 pm or so and I don't hear a peep from her until ~7 (if I can keep the kids away from her that long). She's eating great, is very quiet and soooooo laid back. You can open the door to her crate and she just lays there looking at me like "you want me to come out?" She curls up on the couch with me, on her back and falls asleep.

So, I did her registration on-line - very easy - and hopefully it won't be long getting here. She got her microchip this morning before hand so I could put the number on her papers too. And I've already got her CKC paperwork filled out and ready to go when I get her official pedigree and her reg paper.

All is well :-) BTW, her reg name is "Whipowil's Creek Side Melody"


from a Magic x Trudy daughters family!!

Progress Report:

She passed her exam with Dr. Basset with flying colors (we knew she would). He said she is as fit as a fiddle.

She plays 'Get it, Bring it, Leave it' like she was born knowing how! She is also learning that 'leave it' with a strong voice means stop biting Emily, dad's slippers, and the kitchen rug.

She is almost completely house broken (albeit she is only allowed in the kitchen). She whine/barks when she needs to make business.

Today she saw her first mommy robin in the yard. She stared at it for the longest time. I was afraid she'd chase it, but she totally left it alone. She prefers a stick to the ball when she is outside. Can you tell we are still in love?! I am preparing a formal statement for you to add to your list/website, but feel free to take anything I have written already. You are a fantastic breeder and she is the finest dog in all the land! (A term I only used for Willy previously).

Thanks again!


from Highland Winds Whipowils "aka" Lily's new family


Lily is adjusting to her new digs quite well. Not a peep out of either dog on the ride home then Lily was a bit unsure on the first day. She has pepped up considerably since then. I take Lily and Mandy for a walk in the early morning about 1 1/2 miles where they can run free in the fields. She found the brook just fine and as you see below the dogs enjoy the morning romp. Sorry the picture is not better but they barely stand still. After supper the whole family takes the dogs for a walk on leash at some recreational space alternating between the Royal River in Yarmouth or some Public Open Space in Cumberland near the house.

Lily has put Mandy in her place a couple of times which is just fine but they basically are big buddies. Lily seems thrilled when I get home from work in the afternoon. She is a sweet (and goofy, yes) dog. If things continue as they have so far we would be thrilled to keep her. Want to get thru the Holiday Weekend just to make sure. Hope you don't want to take her back.(-: We will keep in touch.

Al & Diane, Caleb, Mat, Lily & Mandy

Hi Bev,

That rain was something else on Sat. It was scary at times driving. Bodie did awesome on the car ride. He snuggled next to Jillian and slept the the whole way. She loved it. Matt and John were happy to meet him. (Matt did awesome at hockey tryouts!) He did well on his first night. He cried for about 20 minutes in his crate and then settled in. I only had to get up a couple of times. He is very sweet. I love how he sits back and scopes things out. He is so handsome and always at my feet! We had alot of company on Sunday and he was great. He is so good natured. A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU! We love our new baby boy. I hope you are doing okay with everyone leaving. Bodie is happily settling in and you have made our home very happy. I hope that helps you smile!



Hey Bev, just wanted to thank you again for the puppies. Everyone is doing excellent! Today Jager and Ozzy had their check ups Jager weighed in at 10.6lbs and Ozzy 10lbs. It is very funny when they see each other they instantly know they are bros. Here are a few pics of the boys for you to enjoy. Thanks again,

The Kleiners and The Farrows

Trudy x Magic daughter


Just an update on how Willow is doing. Last Saturday, Willow had her second visit to the vet and she now weighs almost 14 pounds.

This Tuesday will be her third lesson for puppy class and she is doing great. She has learned how to sit, stand and down. She is also starting to come to me when called and knows her name. She and Taylor have struck it off big and play well together wrestling and tumbling in the backyard when playing. Layla is not so sure about Willow, but she is slowly staring to come around.

This morning we tried her out on her first simple track. Charlotte placed some food every four to five steps with a sock at the end. The food definitely helped to stimulate her interest. When she first saw the sock, she did not know quite what to make of it even though food had been placed on top. Once she was lured to the sock with food, she enjoyed playing with it.

This afternoon, we put a little water in a kiddy pool we have for the dogs. At first she would not go in, but Charlotte tossed in a twig we she promptly retrieved and then jumped out. Bob and Charlotte

from a Magic x Trudy boy "Finley"

Hi Bev!!!

Well, we made it home yesterday with no problems! Finley slept the whole time. As soon as we got home, I brought him out back in the yard and he peed. Later, we brought him back out and he peed and pooped, we were sooo proud! He loves his crate, goes in there all the time willingly and uses his stuffed duck as pillow. He did fantastic last night sleeping. I brought the crate into our bedroom and he slept great! I brought him out to use the bathroom around 12:30am and then he slept till after 6am. He never really whimpered! The only time he does whimper is when he loses sight of us. Once he knows where we are, he's fine! He loves, loves to be right with us at all times. He'll come over and lay between our feet when we're standing. He's absolutely perfect! If his personality is any indication of the future, we couldn't have picked a better puppy!
We do have one question on food amounts. Your notes said approximately 3/4 cup, 3X a day. The bag on the other hand, says between 1/3 cup and 1 cup TOTAL for the whole day. Which should we do?
We'll send pictures and an update really soon. Thanks so much for everything Bev, we'll never forget you!!!!

The Porters

one wk later.......

Hi Miss Bev,

I wanted to write to you and let you know how my first week with my new family has been. I sent you a picture of our home, so you'll know where I live. Everything is going wonderful!!!! After a few days of rain, we've been enjoying lots and lots of sunshine! I've been doing great with potty training, I've only had a few accidents in the house. I go to bed at night around 10pm and sleep until around 7am. I don't make a peep once! My new Mommy and Daddy bring my crate up into their bedroom at bedtime. I snuggle in with my toys and it's off to dream land! I never, ever whine or whimper!
First thing in the morning I go out and use the potty. We run around and play for a bit and then it's inside for breakfast. I've been eating good and drinking lots of water. I spend my days playing outside, snoozing, and playing inside. I love to chase leaves outside and hunt for sticks. One of my favorite outdoor toys is a "Glad" plastic container. I love it when they throw it and I run, get it, and bring it back to them. I have my own special nap spaces outside where I can be in the shade- under the hammock, under Michael's slide, or under a lawn chair. When it's time to go in, I run with everyone to the back steps, climb them, go into the garage and then into the house. I love playing with my stuffed duck, rope toys, and bones. I'm getting sooooo good at retrieving! I'm never more than a few feet from my family at all times. We're having lots of fun together. On Saturday morning I went with Mommy and Michael to his T-Ball game. I was soooo good and I was a huge hit with everyone. Everyone kept complimenting me on how cute I was and how well behaved I was. All the kids on our street love me, too. They keep coming over to play with me. I've made so many new friends!
I went to the Vet on Wednesday. I'm perfectly healthy! I started my Frontline Flea and Tick treatment and took my first heart pill. I was 11lbs 3oz. I slept most of the time on the table! Life's rough!!!!
I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me during my first 7 3/4 weeks! Thank you for helping me find a nice home and a caring family. Please give my real Mommy, Trudy, and my real Daddy, Magic, a big hug and kiss for me. Tell them I'm doing great, I'm well taken care of, and I'm a very, very happy little boy! Thanks for everything, Miss Bev! I'll never, ever forget you!


Finley Porter

from a littermate to Finley


We are amazed and thrilled and as happy is pigs in slop! She is everything we expected and MORE! She only gets up once in the night (midnight of course!), and is perfectly behaved in her 'den'. Today she even went in without being asked to. She does 'business' on command almost. I think she'll be completely house broken within 2 weeks (except the occassional accident which we are expecting). Yesterday I tossed a ball for her and said 'Get it', then when she got to it said 'Bring it', and she did. We practiced that for a bit and she is a born retreiver! Today she thought it would be cute to teach me how to run after for stealing my plants! That was fun too. All of the children are in love. You did a fine job of picking out a perfect puppy for our family. We look forward to Yellow in the Fall. I'll keep you posted about Bella, we go to the Vet on Wednesday. I'm sure she'll get a glowing report!


and another!!!!


I just love Greta soooo much!!!! She is so sweet and loving and so smart. She tells us if she has to poop, peeing is a little harder, she fetches sticks and birngs them to us, she knows her name and she is a true lab, she eats rocks and chews every thing in sight!! Her ride home was uneventful and she slept most of the way. Milkshake is bent out of shape, but she is coming around. She has to sniff Greta nose to nose but still hisses at times but Greta barks back. She can hold her own. They are so funny. We are having a great time playing with her. I hated to come back to work today but can't wait to get home to her tonight.

Thanks again!


AND.......still another!!!


Willow is adjusting well to our household. She was delighted to meet our other two dogs one-at-a-time in the backyard. Layla seemed to tolerate her well and was very gentle. Taylor did not know what to make of her. When she approached him directly, Taylor would jump back out of the way. Gradually he is learning how to play with her and be gentle.

Having Willow's crate next to Taylor's seems to be helping. She slept well the first night and only got us up once. The next two nights it has been twice, but hopefully that will end soon.

She is a fast learner and has already figured out how to climb up our back steps on her own with us watching her closely. It took Taylor a long time to build up the confidence to climb the stairs.

We have not been able to find the Diamond brand around here and have been switching her gradually over to Nutro Lamb & Rice puppy food. She definitely has a very good appetite.

Willow had an excellent visit to the Vet yesterday. Everything checked out fine and he said her confirmation looks good.

We are enjoying her very much. She starts puppy class next Tuesday at Saccarappa.

Bob & Charlotte

My name is Holly and I want to give a reference for Whipowil Kennels. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I purchased a yellow lab from Beverly six years ago. He is the most amazing dog. He is well behaved, obedient, happy and very loving. He is also a great watchdog. We have always had Labs in my family and Casey (mine) is the best one of the lot. He is so great I am about to purchase another Lab from Bev.


Hello Bev and Dennis,

Hope you had a lovely Easter. We had a nice family gathering on Cape Cod. Everyone loves Skye. Gentle, lively, smart, and beautiful are words used often to describe her. I love her confidence. There are a lot of dog owners in my family especially retrievers. I also have people asking me where she comes from and I have given your website. Several of our neighbors have Labs and Goldens so she enjoys a lot of socializing as well as with our old lab Ebbie. Ebbie will be 14 in June. She loves to play with Skye but we restrict the activity when Skye gets too rough which of course is often!

She has some basic commands down well but I want to start an obedience class now that she is spayed and recovered from that. I have been given a couple of names of trainers, one is an animal behavioralist as well. She has Dobies.

Enjoy the springtime in my favorite state of Maine. We come up when we can to visit our son and daughter in law in Ellsworth. We’re looking forward to getting Skye out in the boat.

Our best to you both.
Wendy and Sam

"Skye" @ 7 m's

Magic x Trudy daughter, that lives with and is loved by the Grondin family in Bethel Maine.

Hi Bev....

Cookie is all set on the shots that we do for our dogs until January 2007.....She weighed in last Thursday at 38.1 lbs. She actually lost .6 lbs from the visit 2 weeks prior and grew taller. Trying to keep her still to measure height, at her front quarters to the top of her back it 17.5. Maybe .5 inch off or so from squirming. Dr. Stuer is very pleased with her progress.

We did find out that she loves carrots, so instead of the treats for training and just because she has been enjoying a piece of baby carrot.

She is a beautiful girl and these pictures do not do her coloring justice. She has some darker red tinting on her face, tail and back.

She loves her nails clipped, her belly rubbed of course, and her teeth brushed. She has also likened herself to the occasional vacuum of loose hair, but only if Bingo goes first.

Randy checks your website quite often at work for updates and came home to tell me the news! He gets excited over the least expected things sometimes.

Feel free to post any updates for Cookies on your website. We don't mind if you mention names or use quotes.

Shayna is doing her pet care badge for Girl Scouts and wanted to see if she could put a copy of the AKC reg. certificate with all her other info. She has a whole 3 ring binder on puppy/dog care now, everything from vet bills, to routine care, to fun stuff. When its finished she would like to share it with you as well.....

Take Care, Dawn

Magic x Trudy daughter from CT.

"Happy Valentine’s Day from Skye! We love her! Photo at 4 ½ months old."
Wendy and Sam

"Pippin" a Drake x Trudy son, L & R @13 months. Center @ 9 months

Did you receive the pictures of Pippin? As I told you on the first email, he is such a fantastic dog. He still comes to work with me everyday and is greeted with hugs and kisses form patients all day long. He is incredibly well socialized to people and dogs. I can, and do, take him everywhere.

There is nothing better in my life than my boy. The Christmas joy from last year has spread to everyday for this year. I am sure it will continue for always.

Happy Holidays!


Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures. We have been taking Mandy for walks in the back field most days (as weather permits). She loves it and it helps keep her calmer in the house. Some pictures of her walk today and her nap after. Still thrilled with her disposition and looks.
"The Blanchard Family"

*Mandy* a Magic x Trudy daughter

Hi Bev,

Just a note to let you know how Harriet is doing (from Florence and Ouzo, 8/04). She is so wonderful and smart! She is having fun again in the snow we have had, and like her older sister, seems to like sleeping in bed UNDER the covers!
Here's a picture of her taken at Planet Dog a few weeks ago. She charmed everyone there, and actually made it on the news that night! (it was a fund raiser Santa thing).
Also, one of harriet sleeping, she's such a nut!
Hope all is well, and Merry Christmas!
Michelle and Jason and the crew.



"Shadow" a Dreamer x Drake daughter

Hi Bev and Dennis,

We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and give you an update on Shadow. She is now 1 year and doing great. She is a fantastic dog and we all enjoy her so much. She is happy and healthy and full of energy. We have been completely happy with the newiest member of our family. Thank you for doing such a great job with breeding wonderful dogs.

Have a happy New Year,
Jeff, Bobbi-Jo, Cassie, and Andrew

From Whipowil Bright Leaf Cadeauje's new family

on 11-30 arriving home

Donna says... There are some gifts that just aren't easily wrapped, so a pink ribbon had to do. Kent's birthday gift is the newest addition to our family. Her name is Whipowil Bright Leaf Cadeauje..aka Cadie. She was born 17 September and is a distant relative of our first lab, Argyle.

a note 2 days later
Hi Bev-

Cadie visited her vets for the first time today. She's "official" now....has her microchip and was weighed and fussed over. Scott looked at me, grinned and said "This is not a cocker" and then, after examining her, said she's "just perfect"...but we already knew that. She weighs 17.5 pounds. Her fan club includes the guys who work on the porch, the gals at the nail salon and the folks at A&E Diamonds (jeweler across from the nail salon)....and of course, her Dad and the rest of the family.

She has been such a good little girl...sleeps through the night, eats whatever is put in front of her and has started to whine when she needs to go outside. (yea!!!!) Her newest trick is getting up and down the steps....she launches herself off of the last one as though it's her victory leap, then turns around to look to see if I saw her do it. What a ham!

Thanks so much for allowing us to have her be a part of our family. She obviously has had a great start and we'll do everything we can to keep her on the right road. There's a whole new world out there and she'll get to see alot of it hanging out with the cocker kids.

Take care.

Family from Albany N.Y. with a yellow Magic x Trudy daughter

Hi Bev,

We made it home safe and sound. She was absolutely incredible on the ride back!
She pretty much slept the whole way.

She's been very playful and has ate/drank/pottied well.

We left the crate door open for her, and when she was ready to go to sleep whe went right back in(by hersel) and cuddled up on her towel that you left for her. As a matter of fact the door is still open, but she is SOUND asleep!

I just want to thank you again for driving down to meet me. I really appreciate you doing that.

Thanks for everything,

11-19-05....An update from a Magic x Trudy daughters family

Hi Bev,

Skye is doing so well! We had her to the vet today. She said that Skye looks great and is an exceptionally good looking Labrador. She is adjusting well to her new home and enjoys our old lab Ebbie being nearby. Ebbie is tolerant and gentle although occasionally gives us this “what were you thinking?” look.
Have a wonderful holiday. We will be on Cape Cod with my family so Skye will have her first beach walk.
Her AKC name will be Whipowil’s Highland Midnight Skye.
Take Care.

from a family with a Magic x Trudy daughter, their first "Whipowil Lab" was born 15 yr's ago & was a younger half sister to my Bonnie...

We are absolutely thrilled with our new black pup. Her name is Mandy. She made herself at home almost immediately and pretty much owns the place. She is full of love and energy and we can really see the quality of her breeding and nurturing before we got her. Here are a couple of pictures. We will keep in touch.

Al and Diane


this, from the owner of one of the "Magic" x "Trudy" pups.

Hi Bev,
Mazie continues to do well at home and got a clean bill of health at the vet. She slept through last night without any whining, and is doing great with house training (she is so smart!). I thought you might like to see some recent pictures - not like you haven't seen a lab puppy before! But I can't resist capturing this adorable stage.



another of the Magic x Trudy daughters family sends an update....

Hi Bev-

Just wanted to send you a line to let you know Lilly Belle is doing great! She had her first vet appointment yesterday and got a good bill of heath aside from the worms (which the vet said is pretty normal in puppies). She is 13 pounds and sleeps the entire night through in her crate with no accidents! She only cried the first night we had her and has been great ever since. She is a bright little girl and we are having a lot of fun with her. Brian and I have alternated taking time off this week and we have family and friends to be with her when we are not. She will fetch her ball and bring it back to us already and knows what "NO" means! Anyway, she is fantastic and we are thrilled to have her in our family! We will send pictures soon!
Hope all is well...I have a coworker who is interested in a yellow one if you still have them...I will give her your contact information.
Lisa Donnell


this, from the owner of one of the "Owen" x "Pearl" pups, whelped in February 2000.

here's Tucker with Carmela & Isabella, at the beach of course!!

from 8/23/05
a litter brother to Sapphire, aka..Whipowil Dream Gift of Lejonhud

Hi Bev,

Update on Max. He went on his first vacation to a private island (Dyer Island) off the coast of Maine. Up past Ellsworth. He was a little shy of the waves but quickly got over it with Annie in the lead. He had the time of his life jumping around in the ocean. He was a perfect gentle man on the boat rides. I found at night in would walk behind me, and I really wasn't sure why until one night. I stopped and he continued and saw his shadow caused by the flashlight I was using. He was terrified! We laughed so hard. He would never travel out of our view on our walks around the island. I received so many complements on his behavior and looks. Many folks couldn't get over his beautiful shinny black coat. I dropped your name and kennel to those that seem very interested.
Max is taller then Annie and weighs 80 lbs. He is so wonderful!! He has such a grand stance. My friend who owns the island was so impressed with his calm behavior that he keep telling me there was no way he was still a puppy. He owns a Wheaton Terrier and with professional training his dog still can't go off his leash on the island. (runs off to who knows where) I am going to attempt to get a disks of the pictures I took and hopefully I'll be able to send you a picture of Max.
I hope this letter find all in good health. I'll sign off for now.


from August 17th

Hi Bev....it was great to meet you yesterday....COCO did very well on the ride home...it took awhile for her to settle down, but she did.....she wasn't thrilled about the crate last night, but settled down finally and I got more sleep than I had planned on.. she's doing well and so are we....Danny

a lovely example of a Whipowil Labrador

her younger full brother below on 6-29-05


below a recent post from Vaughan's Owner

Just wanted to let you know that Vaughan is awesome!!! We all adore this little guy......
thank you for entrusting him to me!

Just a small sample of the notes and updates I've received over the yrs.


It was WONDERFUL to meet you! I truly wish you lived closer, I think we'd have a great time together :))))

We all survived the INCREDIBLY long ride home- we didn't get here until just before 6 - the traffic was horrible! The puppy (the girls are leaning toward Beau because he is so handsome) was very good in the car, although he didn't sleep more than twenty minutes total all the way home, and he has quite the bark - sounds like a "big dog" lol

We all felt so badly leaving today with one of your babies and we want you to know that we will love him and take very good care of him. We took some pic's of his first night in the house, I'm attaching them (I'll get some outside shots tomorrow).

I hope it's ok to keep in touch with you - you have now become one of the "family" :)

** Sweet Beau **

Update..... Slept all night in crate without a fuss :)))) Pooped (firm) this morning... peed outside twice and in the dining room once (our fault I'm sure). LOVES the water bottle - thanks so much for the tip! Pouring outside here, nature's bath! lol

More later, Cath

an update on "Sassy" received on May 15th

Hi Bev!

I wanted to send you an update on Miss Sassafras (we got her last September, she is from the Florence X Ouzo litter). Sass graduated from obedience school yesterday with flying colors. When I looked for an obedience school, I tried to find one that did not do clicker training, as we have a 7 year old and a 3 year old who would drive us nuts clicking the silly thing all day long. I also wasn't thrilled with the idea of training using food. There is no guarantee that I am going to have treats on me all the time, and I need to be sure she will listen without the prospect of getting a treat. I finally found a praise based program. I wasn't sure how well she would do or how well a praise based program would work, after all, if just praise worked, why doesn't everyone do it that way? Well, I was very pleasantly surprised. Sass was the youngest dog there (9 mos) and one of the best behaved. Her only issue was trying to play with the other dogs too much :) She just loves everyone and everything. At the end of the six weeks of class, we all had to take turns going to the center of the room and running through the commands we had learned. She hit every single one right on cue and maintained excellent eye contact with me the whole time. Granted, I did make sure we did the recommended twenty minutes a day of practice, but even so, I was very impressed with how quickly she learned the commands. She was the only one who did the "down" command immediately (I stand six feet away while she is in a sit/stay position, I then raise my hand and say down at the same time). After each dog ran through the commands, the instructor would say a few words about the dog or what the main purpose the owners had for being at the class. This is what she had to say about Sassafras,

"I just love this little lab. She is an excellent representation of the breed. She is low to the ground and powerful, yet easy going and affectionate. She is what a lab is supposed to be. For such a young dog, she has an excellent sense of what her handler wants of her and I can easily see her doing very well in obedience trials, if that is something you were interested in pursuing. She is absolutely beautiful."

After class the woman asked me where I had gotten Sassafras. I told her about you and your dogs and gave her the address for your website. She said she was going to check your site out and possibly contact you about putting your name on their recommended breeder list. I am going to start sending her to doggy daycare one day a week so she can get some of her extra sillies out and so she can learn "dog etiquette". I'm sure she will love it! Sass is the light of our life and a joy to have. I am so thrilled we found you and your dogs.
Thanks and have a wonderful Spring!

Hi Bev!

Just wanted to send you an update on Brumley. He is an Magic x Annie son - we picked him up on Father's Day 2004. It has been a long winter but we are so happy spring is here! We love going on long trail walks and hikes and playing in the water - no actual swimming...yet! Of course eating and snuggling are high on his list too.

We went to puppy kindergarten and basic obedience. He did well but we will definitely be attending basic obedience again. Most times his exuberance outweighs his training :)

He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. He LOVES kids and somehow knows he has to be gentle with my niece who is only 6 months older than he is - even though he'll knock me over when we are playing! He loves other dogs and I have never seen him show any agression - not even the "play growl" they sometimes do. Not that he doesn't sometimes "talk back" when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to :)

Just wanted to thank you! I can't imagine my life without him :) I'm sending a few pictures.

"Brumley @ 12 m's"


Bev -

We survived the vet this morning. Echo (formerly Wendy) did well. They were all quite impressed with her. I get up once in the night to take her out and she is doing quite well with the kennel. We have 9 turkeys here that visit our feeder and she is becoming more interested in them.


Bev & Dennis....
Originally "Della", Whipowil's Arundle Brown, is now "Stella", and registered as Whipowil's Irresistible Magick. She came to us from you at 5 months and has been part of our family for just over a year. I can't begin to tell you how much joy and love she has brought to us. She's a lover, and will do anything for hugs and kisses. She's also smart as a whip and very eager to please. Except for human errors, she was housetrained in less than a week and has sat on command since the day we brought her home, We've worked with her on our own on a lead, but this summer will do formal training with her. The only thing she loves more than outdoors, is "belly scratches". She will sit on the sofa, fall backwards onto the cushions or the nearest lap, and bark unless you immediately rub her belly.

Stella is David's 3rd Whipowil lab, and my second. And any future labs will all be from Whipowil. Their personalities and temperment can't be beat!


Hi Beverly,
Well Max has been with us one week and you would be very proud of all his accomplishments. He has had three accidents in the home, all caused by human error. Playing hard with my husband or the boys and they neglect to take his out when done. Shame on the men of this household. But, with persistence I will be able to train them. Our Annie is such a great teacher to Max. She pick's up on his need to go out and do his duty, and brings him to the back door. Our cat girly-girl is all black when Max first met her I think he thought she was his litter mate, (same size) well he found out that she wasn't, but she to has been found cuddled with him in his kennel. I think she likes the kennel more then Max. He now knows 3 commands make that 5, sit, down, leave it, come, and out. One of the first things he learned from Annie is, when you come back in the house where the treats are kept. Annie stands in front of the cabinet and waits, Max puts his nose to the cabinet door and waits. No pulling the wool over his eyes. I'll keep the updates coming. Got to run. Joanne

Hi Beverly,
since we last saw you we have moved from Danvers Mass to 40 acre farm in New Hampshire, we have our 2 whipowil labs (George and Bob) our great dane, Lucy, 3 cats, 3 rabbits and 2 miniature donkeys, when we bought this house the woman that used to live here raised freesians and had 10 of them and after she left we thought the barn needed more than old bikes in it, it was just too empty so we got the donkeys they are very sweet, the dogs love them, we are working our way up to a horse!
Here is an update of all our babies.......

George- from exclamation and bonnie, He will be 13 years old on July 1st, he has slowed down a lot the last year or so, he has some arthritis and seems to be helped by medication, he spends his summer days on the lawn surveying his land and snoozing away the day, and his winter days following the sun spots around the house, he can be found on the dining room rug or his favorite spot on the couch, this past summer we bought an RV and traveled across country for 6 weeks and he came with us and loved every minute of it, he rode next to his dad and was co-pilot and saw the country, yellowstone, black hills, Banff, west glacier, sturgis, jackson hole but his favorite spot was the great lakes where he swam with his kids and a pig farm in Indiana that we stopped at.

Bob- from milen destiny and bonnie, he will be 10 on October 30th, we like to call him "the hygenist" he spends his days cleaning the ears and eyes of every animal we have, when I am outside cleaning the barn he is my trusty assistant and when I cut the grass he spends his time chasing squirrells and birds out of "his" yard, in the summer he is swimming in the lake from sun-up to sun-down with his kids who are now 16, 15 and 10.

When I looked at your website and saw the picture of Bonnie it was an exact picture of George!

"The boys on 2-24-05"


Greetings from Cocoa, Kirsten and Mark. I tried sending you some pictures of our wonderful dog some months ago, but they were apparently in the wrong format, so now I try again with my new computer, software, etc.
You will recall that we picked up Cocoa (Magic x Annie) last June to bring her home here to Gilmanton, NH. I'm still figuring this software out, but thought I send you this one from October, Cocoa about six months old. She is an exceptionally beautiful, sweet and obedient dog, much loved by all here. She is an avid water dog and hiker. I will send along a couple other pictures from her puppyhood when I have a chance. Feel free to make whatever use you like of the pictures.
Thanks again for the best Lab we've ever had.

Hi Beverly,
The puppy is doing great. We named her Shadow. For her pedigree her name will be Whipowil McKenzie's Midnight Shadow. Is that ok or does there have to be something more specfic to her parents? The kids were so excited when they saw her and in disbelief that she was ours. They went with me to pick out all of her things. She is doing well with her potty training and in the crate. She sleeps throught the night and is doing well with her transition to her new food. She is going to the vet tomorrow for a check up. She is such a calm sweet dog and she loves to play, especially in the snow. We are completely in love with her already Thank You for such a wonderful dog. I will let you know how the vet appt. goes.

Talk to you soon, Bobbi-Jo

Hi Bev,
Just want to let you know that Pippin is doing fantastically. He is the most incredible dog; loving, fun, extremely smart. He has been pretty easy to train thus far. I can't tell you how many compliments we get about Pippin. His great disposition allows me to take him to work without any problems. My patients love him and he is showered with love and playtime often. I would say he has a pretty good life right now. The joy he has brought into this home is immeasurable. I hope you enjoy the updates. Be well and in peace, DJ and Carol

Christmas Card 2004 from the "Rose Family" in MA.

pictured are "Whipowils Sadie Mae" @ 8.5 yrs on the left, with her daughter "Nell" @ 5.5 yrs
& grandson "Buck" @ 1 yr with their 2 favorite boys!!
Sadie, bred by Whipowil is the spitting image of her Grammie "Bonnie"!


Hi Bev,
Just a quick little note to let you know how our baby Harriet Brown (from Florence and Ouzo) is doing.

She's 5 months today... I've enclosed a (fuzzy) picture of the dogs by the Christmas tree. She is getting so big!! Of the 3 dogs during the holidays, she was the only one allowed to visit realitives houses - because she is so well behaved! She could teach the other two dogs a thing or two. She is so smart, has been housebroken for way over a month, and such a good girl. She's been going to doggie daycare once a week, and loving every minute of it. This month she'll be getting spayed and hopefully starting obedience class soon.

Hope all is well-- I'll send more pictures once I figure out this new digital camera!!

Happy New Year,

l-r "Olive" @ 3 yrs, "Whipowils Harriet Brown" @ 4-1/2 months & "Tucker CGC" @ 2.5 yrs

from an "almost" 8 yr old boy

I really, really like Sapphire. My mom already told you this, but I call her Silly Sapphy sometimes. Do you remember Zach? He calls her Sapph. Here is a picture of her biting the leash and looking at you. She is a really good dog. We have three toys for her and she has my special blankie in her crate. She has water in her crate and we are taking very good care of her.
Thank you for giving her to me. She is really, really fun to play with!

*** I got this heartwarming e-mail on 12-20-04***

"A request if possible"

Hi Bev,
It's *****. Way back in September we purchased a puppy from your Florence X Ouzo litter. Sassafras was the name we chose for her. I am sorry to say that she got out of our yard last Sunday and was missing for a whole week!! A woman, ******, had picked her up not 15 minutes after she went missing and has had her this entire time. We were one block away at the time she was picked up. Due to a neighbor trying to get her off of his porch and pulling her collar off, she didn't have her id tags. Sassy is microchiped, but the woman did not know of such a thing and never took her to a vet. I placed a poster in the ******** Animal Shelter and filed a lost dog report, but when she called on Monday to see if any yellow labs were reported missing, she was told no. I don't know why but I have every intention of finding out why tomorrow. I placed ads in the papers, posted posters ALL over town, put fliers in mailboxes, called every vet in southern NH, filed a report with all the shelters and SPCA in NH, filed a lost dog report with the animal control officer and about a thousand other things. The woman who found her happened to see the add in the paper and called us tonight. It was our Sass. She went on and on about what a wonderful and beautiful dog she was and where did we get her and so on. I told her about your kennel and the outstanding animals bred there and gave her the name of your website.

Here is my request. The young woman would not take the reward money I was offering. If at all possible, I would very much like to contribute to the purchase of a puppy for her if she contacts you about your dogs. Her name is ****** and she lives in ******, NH. I know you are very busy and it is a lot to ask, but having our Sass back means the world to us and I would like to show her some appreciation. I told her you might have a female black puppy still available, and that you were planning a yellow litter for next spring. (I still visit your website regularly) I would like to contribute towards her puppy if she contacts you. If you can find a way to let me know if she decides to purchase a puppy from you I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.
P.S. Look for a Christmas card with a picture of Sassy and the kids, soon.

Hello Bev:
We did not get to meet because my husband (Michael) picked out our new puppy. We re-named her Zuzu after the littlest girl in "It's a Wonderful Life". She is doing well and adjusted very quickly to her new home and new human companions. She walks extremely well on the leash too for such a young pup. We are starting preliminary training and she is doing well with "come", "sit" and "down". As you may know, we lost our chocolate lab, Tiller, in November and Zuzu has been a great addition to the household. I have attached a picture of her though everyone who meets her says that it does not do her justice.
Thank you.

"Whipowils Zuzu" @ 4-1/2 months

The following is from the owners of 8 1/2 yr old "Whipowils Little Eva" now known as "Teva" she is the Mother of my Dede and Dede's lovely yellow brother, he is the Sire of my Lily and Trudy...it's so wonderful to know that people LOVE the Labbies I've bred!!!!

Don't have my kerchief
Don't have my cap
But I've settled down
For a long winter's nap.
Dreaming of E. Stoneham,
Dreaming of mom
I'll always remember
Where I came from.

So holiday greetings
To all my old gang.
Oh how we howled,
Oh how we sang
Under the moonlight
So long ago
Outside our home
Surrounded by snow.

And best for the New Year
And don't catch no fever,
This comes to you
From your Little Eva
Known here in Camden
As Lucy's girl Teva.

My girl Bethena (Florence x Charlie Lad) is such a wonderful Labrador, a true Labrador personality like the other exceptional dogs I have had in the past. We have done both obedience and agility together already and there is nothing that she couldn't do. She is playful, smart, energetic, always thinking, totally keyed-in to me and what I'm doing yet with her own ideas of what's fun and how life should be. She reminds me of how to take time to enjoy the things that life presents to me and that there is nothing that a good attitude and a little playfulness can't make better. She challenges me to stay one step ahead of her and to remember that SOMEONE in the house has to be a responsible adult!!!! ;-) Bethena is beautiful with a lovely head and a body so well-toned that I can't begin to imagine how it must feel like to have such muscles. She loves to butt-tuck with abandon, to play in the water or snow, to fetch her frisbee or kong toy, and to cuddle on the sofa. She is my biggest fan and I am hers. I can never thank Bev and the gang at Whipowil enough for bringing her into my life and entrusting her care to me.

Diane Gildersleeve DVM

Hi Beverly.
I don't know if you remember me but I got my black male pup from you approximately three years ago in August. I named him Cruiser in memory of my brother Steve who passed away from cancer a short time earlier. Steve was a police officer in New Hampshire thus "Cruiser" was appropriately named.

I'd just like you to know what a joy he has brought me and my family. He is an absolute love. Just yesterday my father said when I'm ready for another pup he hopes that I'll go back to the same place because Cruiser is the most wonderful dog. I'm not ready for a pup just yet as I'm starting Graduate School this fall but in three years I'll be completed. When I am done my gift is going to be another Labrador pup from Whipowil. Thank you so much for breeding the best.

Linda ****

Hi Bev..

I have been meaning to update you on Sassy. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. She is fantastic with the kids, great with visitors and getting better about not jumping on everyone she meets. Everyone is her very best long lost friend and she greets everyone with the same enthusiasm. We are going to get her into obedience classes after the holidays and if she does well, which I believe she will, I was thinking about going for Canine Good Citizen certificate. We'll see and I'll let you know the outcome.

Sassy now has all of her vaccinations and is in great shape. At her last visit, about two weeks ago, she weighed in at 30 pounds. The vet said she is one of the most beautiful yellow labs he has seen in awhile.

Talk to you soon!


Bev & Dennis
We are thrilled with our pup "Rudy", he is everything we dreamed of. Easy to live with, bright and so healthy. Your yr's of experience show in your lovely dogs. We plan to be back for a 2nd puppy from Whipowil in 2 yrs!!
Ben and Lucy


Thank you for your kind words about our sweet Baily upon hearing of his passing, you were there for us over the yr's and it was almost as if we were related? He was a puppy from Max and Jane's first litter and when we rediscovered you via the computer it was like renewing an old friendship. He was our best friend and we will contact you next yr about a possible older dog, knowing that we can never replace our Baily but wanting the companionship of a dog that is related to him means the world to us.

Mike and Lori


We spoke with our Vet and......he agreed with you on the puppy vs adult food thoughts, he was impressed with your knowledge and careful screening for health issues too. He said he is seeing alot of Labradors bred by people with little to no knowledge and the quality of our "baby" was obvious! He has asked us to tell you he'd like to put your e-mail info up on his bulletin board for folks to to be able to contact a "real" breeder, that's what he called you!

our best,
Carol and Howard


you were on target with the choice of Mandy for us...our 9 yr old has been doing well in obedience class ans is looking forward to starting JR Show handling classes soon, EVERYONE is impressed with this gorgeous puppy!! thanks!

Bob and Patricia

Bev and "family"

This is our 3rd puppy in almost 25 yrs from you, "Walter" is the same calm, smart, easy to live with type we've grown used to from you and your thoughtful breeding program. please keep up the good work!!

Dickie and Nancy

Whipowil Gang!!!
An update on sweet Lola, she's sleeping thru the night and does well on her leash, we start puppy class next wk and look forward to yrs of enjoyment with this gorgeous gal! Thanks for your kindness and patience with all our questions and concerns about adding a puppy to our cat dominated household...they love the pup!

Albert and Ellie


Brody is a true blessing, he is our ideal Labbie, his parents were the indication of what he would be as he matured and we couldn't be happier with our special boy. His looks get him constant compliments and we have gladly given your name to several people in search of a loving, good looking Labrador. We are so pleased to have been referred to you by other Breeders and their words of praise for you were all totally correct, you truly care about your dogs and that was what attracted us to you the most. Knowing that Whipowil dogs live in the house, ride in the car and enjoy the life of pampered pets is what we wanted for the parents of our puppy. We will be updating you soon!!

Tammy and Shane


We did it! First place in our graduation exercises at obedience class. What a thrill, Bertha was the ultimate Star and next we plan to try for our CGC and TDI titles so we can work in Hospitals and bring cheer to those people!!

Tom and Carlene


Guess what?? At her first Match "Lily" was Best of Breed puppy and Group #2! She strutted her stuff and later several long-time Breeders approached us asking where this gorgeous gal came from? We were happily surprised that everyone knew your name, they said you are a true asset to the Labrador community and have worked for many yrs to uphold the integrity you earned by "paying your dues". We feel proud to have this connection to someone as respected as you seem to be!!


Ms. Chapman

I needed to touch base and let you know how happy we are with Pearl, she is a perfect Lady in every way. I admit we've allowed her to sleep on the bed but it's hard to resist letting her do whatever she wants. Getting an older dog was the right thing for us and we are thankful everyday that this sweet girl is here with us. Perhaps a puppy might be possible in 2-3 yrs when we've settled down and no longer travel as much, but for now this gal is what keeps us smiling. You are so wonderful, honest and caring. The dog world is fortunate to have you as a member. Several of our friends have taken your address and I bet you'll be hearing from them soon.

Laura & Dan

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