My Labrador family
My Labrador family
Here's a small collection of mostly "candid" pictures of Labradors that I've produced and/or owned over the yr's. Many are now loved & live elsewhere, some live with Dennis and I and a few have crossed over "The Bridge" and are waiting for us!

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1984, after working my 3 girls in obedience... 
we were on break! L-R Sadie 3.5, Billie 1 and Betsy 8. I was "in Labradors" nearly 10 yr's at this point and had produced 4 litters. It was NOT and should not be about "jumping in and making puppies". Paying dues, working with rescue, doing obedience and NOT being in a hurry to cash in on the $$$ to be made from puppy sales is what I think makes someone a true caretaker of their choosen breed.

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