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EXCITING NEWS!!!! "Lola" earns 4 pt's to "finish" her Canadian Championship on July 21st at the Club Canin Du Fjord show in Quebec!!!
Lola made the final cut at both of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston back to back
Specialties on June 14th & 15th in the BIG Am-Bred classes!!!!
BIG THANKS Mel & Steph for your care and presentation of my dogs!!!

She is now known as Canadian Champion Riverlane Whipowil Ooo La La

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BIG NEWS on Henry's Canadian Travel Adventure

You can meet our newest additions here
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**Swentina Dress For Success!!

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our newest additions here that represent our 9th generation are...

thanks to Sharon Wagner for the picture

Whipowil WigWag Grandoak Blk Dahlia "Lia" @ 7 wks
we are looking forward to FUN & adventures with the stunning young lady !!


here is Whipowils Bohemian Rhapsody aka "Sadie" @ 6.5 wks
she is Dennis' newest and best friend !

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on July 14th "Bethena" above on the left... earns her "Companion Dog" title!!!

Hi Bev and Jean-Louis and Madeleine,

Bethena finished her CD today in grand style, with a 189 and a first place under Michael Calhoun at the Lakes Region Kennel Club obedience trial in Hopkinton, NH. Whoo-hoo!!! She is SO smart, novice obedience was really boring her and she has been continuously thinking up bigger and better ways to make it more interesting, which has led to such antics as leaping (albeit very gracefully and with wonderful form) over the ring fence to go in search of something more interesting than the off-lead heel. She will be VERY excited to get into open obedience, where jumping is encouraged and rewarded. When I get a picture, I will send it on....

Diane and Bethena

**Bethena is now known as "Chablais Ragtime Waltz C.D."
and is a litter-mate to my "Woody" and Heide Riess' "Ella"!! BIG congrats!!

On July 13th "Ella" and owner trainer Heide Riess get an almost perfect score of 99 in Rally in VT. for their 2nd of the 3 needed qualifing scores to get their AKC Rally Novice Certificate!!!

Chablais Whipowil Ella CD CGC TDI was "Best of Opposite Sex" on July 1st for 4 more Canadian Championship points!!!!
Ella, bred by Whipowil and Chablais is proudly owned by Heide Riess & Jean-Louis Blais

Meet Lola

June 24th Riverlane Whipowil Ooo La La aka "Lola" is 2nd in reg 9-12 class at the Quebec Labrador Specialty Club Show Mrs Pauline Mortier "Lubberline" Judge

On May 22nd "Peggy" becomes a Canadian Champion, beating out some of the prettiest gals in Quebec along the way!!!!

On May 8th Whipowils Miss Margret Black is halfway to her Canadian Championship!!!!

On December 8th
at the Concord Dog Training Club Obedience Trial at the Bayside Arena in Boston; Heide Riess & "Ella" qualified for their 3rd and final "leg" to obtain their A.K.C. "Companion Dog" Title. Ella is now known as Chablais Whipowil Ella C.G.C., T.D.I., C.D.
WOOOOO HOOOOOO Heide & Ella!!!

On 10-13-05 Chablais Ragtime Waltz aka "B.B.",
pictured above qualified & placed 2nd in Novice A. Obedience at the
Labrador Retriever Club National Specialty. This was owner/trainer Diane
Gildersleeve DVM's & B.B.'s first "leg"!!! This lovely and smart girl is a littermate
to Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI CD & to CAN CH Whipowil Chablais Pale Ryder.

on 8/24/05 I received EXCITING news that a daughter of Whipowils Sadie Mae has earned her MH "Master Hunter" Title!!!!! This is an exceptional accomplishment, congrats to *Kayla's* Breeder Nancy Rose and her owner Cameron Clark!!!

September 10th & 11th were the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston's "supported entries" at the CCKC Shows in N. Conway N.H.

On Saturday Judge Mrs. Pauline Mortier of *Lubberline Labradors*,
placed Can CH Coldwater's Magic at Whipowil CGC 1st in his class.

On Sunday under Judge Mrs. Gayle Bontecou "Magic" was again 1st in his class
AND then went on to be Reserve Winners Dog.

the excitement continued....

Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI was entered at the Sunday show and was, like Magic 1st in her class AND Reserve Winners Bitch.

What a wonderful day it was! "Ella" is owned, by Heide Riess and co-owned by co-breeder Jean-Louis Blais. Both Ella and Magic were expertly Handled to these wins by Stephane Laliberte.

August 13th.......Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI earns her first pt's in Canada going Winners Bitch with Handler Melanie Primeau, she and "Ella" looked wonderful!!!

< July 16th ....Heide and Ella.......AGAIN qualify in Novice B Obedience........WTG Girls!!!

They are Heide Riess and Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI

here's Wood-Man **named for my favorite character in the TV show Cheers** with Stephane Laliberte finishing with a Group 4 last month!!
We are have repeated the breeding that produced Woody... of CH Tormentil Chablais Charlie Lad x Chablais Florence soon.......what a lovely litter it has been.......Woody is slowly :-) maturing into a balanced young fella...........his sister Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI is on her way to CKC and AKC CD's and looking great in the breed ring "Ella" is owned, loved and trained by Heide Riess and co-owned by co-breeder Jean-Louis Blais.........sister Bethena CGC is loving agility and doing well in obedience too, she is owned and loved by Diane Gildersleeve DVM............another sibling has his WC and is working well in obedience also.

On July 12th Heide Riess and "Ella" qualified in Novice B Obedience at the Lakes Region Kennel Club Show in Hopkinton NH, CONGRATULATIONS to Heide and Ella!!!

"Peggy in action" in regular and Sweeps Class at her first Show
**Le Club du Labrador du Quebec Specialty**
on July 2nd at 8 m's old!! She placed with a 3rd and 2nd!!

On July 2nd at Le Club du Labrador du Quebec Specialty Chablais Whipowil Ella CGC TDI
placed 2nd in the Open Yellow class AND qualified in Novice B Obedience x 2!!! She is proudly trained and handled by owner Heide Riess and co-owned by Jean-Louis Blais "Chablais"
*Ella* is a litter-mate to CAN CH Whipowil Chablais Pale Ryder

* * *June 12th 2005* * *

I just got a call from *my Handler*:-)) at shows in my sweet 20 month old boy "Woody" aka Whipowil Chablais Pale Ryder finished his Championship in grand style........this morning he was WD and BOW....this was a 4 show W/E, so this afternoon he was WD,BOW and BOB over 3 Specials including AM/CAN CH Winterwinds Glenn Plaid...AND!!! BIS CH Kroppsmarkens Papas Pride "Tubbe"......"Woody" then continued on to get a Group 4!!!This finished his Canadian Championship...... many thanks to my boys co-breeders Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest for their kindness and support...they are gracious people whom I feel so very fortunate to have met!!! I look forward to Woody's return home in a few wks.........we will be working on his WC and snuggling on the couch!!

Stephane Laliberte (CPHA) & Melanie Primeau (CPHA) & their assistant Constance Vinon for the wonderful job conditioning and Handling my dogs...they are the BEST!!

Whipowil Woodduck Isabellah AKC & CKC CD's CGC, pictured with owner/ handler Jeanne Charest taking points in May '05. "Izy" is AKC & CKC Championship pt'd and represents Whipowils 7th generation, going back to my first Labrador "Betsy"

Coldwaters Magic at Whipowil is 2nd in his class at the Labrador Retrieve Club of the Potomac!!!

Cloverdales Baxter O'Whipowil is 2nd in 6-9 Pioneer Valley Labrador Club Specialty!

Chablais Whipowil Ella is Best of Breed Puppy in Thetford Quebec her first W/E bing shown, CONGRATS to her co-owners Heide Reiss and Jean -Louis Blais

"Ella" is FIRST in her Sweeps Class at the Labrador Retriever Club Specialty in Canada under Breeder-Judge Ross Brennen "Labradale"!!

Same Show
Cloverdale's Baxter O'Whipowil and Whipowil Chablais Pale Ryder are 1st & 2nd in their reg. class under Breeder Judge Lisa Weiss "LoBuff"

Whipowil Woodduck Isabella is Reserve under Breeder-Judge Mike Woods "Waterdog" at the Woodstock Show in Vt., "Izy" also finished her AKC & CKC C.D.'s in July & August, she is pt'd towards her AKC & CKC Championship's. Proudly owned by Jeene Charest.

Highland Winds Whipowil "Lily" is Reserve her first time out in Canada with Handler Jill Taylor!

Coldwaters Magic at Whipowil CGC is a NEW CAN. CH.!!!! He finished his Title in record time. Judges comments include "wonderfully balanced","awesome movement", "kind expression"!! THANK YOU to Handler Jill Taylor!!

In 2004

We had 3 new Companion Dog Titles, 2 Working Certificates, 3 "Wings" on Junior Hunter Titles, 6 new CGC certificates and 2 new TDI Titles on dogs bred by Whipowil !!
I am VERY proud of everyone!!