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~~~ Chocolate female pups available, ready for homes in mid June.~~~

Welcome to the home of Beverly, Dennis and our Labradors. We live in the *very* small town
and our backyard is literally the White Mountain National Forest.
We are quite close to the New Hampshire border being about 25 miles East of N. Conway,
New Hampshire.

My passion for Labradors began in 1976, when I was fortunate enough to get a lovely black pup
from mostly Dorothy Howe's "Rupert Kennel" line. "Betsy" was a great gal; we enjoyed working in
obedience, and she often accompanied me on long trail rides with my Quarter Horse "Star Gazer".
Now; over 30 years & 9 generations later, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn
so much by watching and listening to some very knowledgeable / experienced *Old-Timers*.

Our future plans include obedience and water and land retrieve fun plus some conformation shows.
Enjoying Labradors never gets old!!

Dogs I've bred and /or owned have achieved show Championships, obtained Obedience, Hunting,
Tracking, Therapy dog and Agility titles and have happily worked in SAR! But always the most important
request we can make of our wonderful Labradors is to be our best friends and loving companions!!

I'm a current member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston which I first joined in 1984
& the National Labrador Retriever Club and a past member of the Carroll County Kennel Club & Saco Valley
Retriever Training Club. I've also devoted time to "Lab rescue" doing evaluations, home studies
and assisting with transportation for over 25 years.

I've "Mentored" several *new* people over the yr's and get great pleasure from seeing their growth
and participation in the Sport of Dogs!!

I strongly believe that anyone *producing puppies* should exhibit their dogs in some way; conformation,
obedience, hunt tests, etc to "prove" that they have more than a "dollar interest" in the dogs they are
breeding and that the dogs are superior representatives of their breed.

Since 1976 I've attended/entered more than three thousand events/activities with my dogs.
We were recently going thru many old newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photo albums, etc
here and I was shocked to add up the numbers. Our dogs live and/or spend time in our home
and are our devoted pets, many grow old and die here. On occasion I will place an older puppy
or young adult in a home if it is in the best interest of the dog.

I am so very fortunate to have an "at home Veterinarian" living less than a mile from me.
Dr. Terry Michols is my friend and a wonderful resource for my dogs!! She will give reference as to
my long-term interest in Labradors, my integrity as an individual and my knowledge as a breeder.

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Lovely pet pups are placed with AKC Limited registration & strict neutering
agreements to prevent unplanned litters of puppies in the future.

~~~ Chocolate male & female pups available, ready for homes in mid June.~~~

It's required as a first step you complete and return this basic *questionnaire.
THANKS in advance!!!
Our Puppy *Questionnaire

Once this is completed and returned, we can speak on the phone to discuss
more details etc. We can then also plan a visit by appointment and
limited to about an hour as the dogs AND I :-)) get tired.


***** Please, serious inquires only *****




Critique-Heather-Wiles-Bitches-2008 Canadian National Labrador Retriever Specialty !!

Senior Puppy Bitch: 1st Grandeoke Whipowil A Ghra at Celtia: Well proportioned black who looks good from any angle, nicely defined head, clean neck set into well placed shoulders, compact body, good turn of stifle, well balanced throughout & a typical example of the breed.

above is the critque of a LOVELY Henry daughter!!
He is not only handsome, kind and so very sweet HE produces outstanding puppies!!


these albums are a *work in progress*

****UPDATED ON 8-7-07****

In 1991 I lost many/most of my treasured pictures, ribbons, catalogs, magazines, books
and awards in a house fire so sadly there are few pictures prior to that yr.
Since 1976 my dogs and I have participated and/or attended literally thousands
of dog related activities, as time allows I'll be adding alot more photo's and info!!!


****REVISED ON 06-10-08****
This album contains but a small sample of the Labradors I've produced and/or owned over the yr's,
most are candid pictures, many shared with me by the owners or co-owners of these precious friends!

my boys looked GREAT at the LRCGB supported entries the W/E of 9/9 - 9/10 in N Conway NH.
What fun it was to visit with friends AND watch over 100 gorgeous Labradors!!

Henry is
BEST OF BREED!!! First annual Info-Dog Virtual Dog Show 2007!


*Peggy* is now known as Canadian Champion Whipowils Miss Margret Black !!!

on May 22nd 2006 she was WB "Winners Bitch" for another 3 pt's beating out stiff Quebec competition!!!

My THANKS to Stephane Laliberte (CPHA) & Melanie Primeau (CPHA)
for the wonderful job conditioning and Handling my dogs...they are the BEST!!

Our Past Stars       "What is a Breeder?"

*English vs American* Labradors,the short story

*Treat others as you would like to be treated*

Dogs are our link to paradise.They don't know evil or jeolousy or discontent.To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden,where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
-Milan Kundera

pictured above with his human Dad is "Moby" a 3.5 month old son of Morgan and Annie, he looks like a VERY HAPPY boy!!

to "hear" how people feel about "our" Labradors

In everything you do, put GOD first, and he will direct you and crown your effort with success.
(Proverbs 3:6)

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** enjoy the "manual" slideshow below

Effective 9-19-07 we are *semi*- retiring from the Dog World!

Dennis has officially retired from his work place and we look forward to a break from our longtime routine.

Many of our dogs will be under the care and ownership of close relatives in the near-by Conway, New Hampshire area. We will keep our Boys and a cpl of older girls as lifetime companions here.

I'll continue to be deeply involved in the plans for future litters
I will continue to screen/talk to any prospective puppy owners.


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