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8 wk old Clint X KACEY pups  8 wk old Clint X KACEY pups Woody x Trudy kids 11 yr old Bonnie daughter Woody x Trudy kids 8 wk old Clint X KACEY pups Trudy daughter Annie X Rowdy kid 10 month old Woody X Trudy son and his BEST FRIEND!!  Trudy daughter *Bonnie Daughter at 12* *Dreamer daughter working on Hunt Test Title* *Trudy son* *young Nora* *young Annie on right* *Annie pups* *Forest x Annie pup* *baby Havoc* *Woody son* *3 Stooges* *Baby Ella* *Henry x Kacey daughter* *Snow Bunny *Kacey @ 5yrs* *Nora and Todd* *Annie son* *Dreamer pup @ 8wks* *Trudy & her football* *Trudy due in 4 days '06* *Trudy and 6 wk old pups* *Trudy pup* *Henry x Ella pup* *Magic daughter* *Annie pup* *I LOVE Trudy!!* *CH Buddy 1991* *1994 swim* *Woody '06* *Bo X Scout pup '06* *Annie pup* WINTER FUN  8 wk old Lia '06 14 Yr old Bonnie and friends in '03 Whipowils Billie Jead CD working in CH Buddy in 1991 at a Match Annie son @ 2 yrs baby Kate 1994  with me pups from my first litter in 1978 a Bonnie pup x Arizona in 1993!!  a Woody son @ 5 wks