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Ron and Shirley Walker

Connie's page

(La pagina de la mujer muy guapa y intelligente, Connie)

WHEEEEE!......I'm HTML-ing!!! I haven't had this much fun since my gall bladder operation! Seriously, folks, you ought to try's a great thing to do when you're trying to avoid doing something else (i.e. nonessential things like cleaning house, washing dishes, preparing your 1040, or paying bills) You can use up SO MUCH TIME and accomplish SO VERY LITTLE!! Aren't you all proud of me? Hold on, I'm going to try to scan some pictures onto this thing. Wish me luck! Love to all my site roomies and thanks to my bro for taking the time to set this thing up.

Machine Gun Dainty Debi the Shiv Baby Face Dean The Godmother Ma Gulbrandson Bonnie & Collide


Remember this, Yahoovians? The year was 1995 and we were BAAAAAD! Rhonda and I were doing the siamese thing because Jenny-fur didn't bring herself a shirt...(I suppose she didn't consider herself a to be part of the club, although, as we all know, she was a charter member. Just who was she trying to fool?)

Mike and I at home in DeSoto. Mike is dying for a morsel of attention while I do my two favorite things-- eat and talk.