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11/28/02 HAPPY THANKSGIVING. This year I have more to be thankful for than ever. Mom & Dad are in San Francisco and tomorrow they'll be in Santa Rosa in their new home.

11/09/02 Mom and Dad's Santa Rosa move countdown is at 20 days. New Site Coordinator Jeff is hard at work on utility arrangements. Move Coordinator Rhonda is preparing for her trip. Inspector Mike has okayed the new dwelling. You can hear the hum.

11/03/02 Mom and Dad get back from the cruise today so I made a new HOME page background to commemorate it.

10/22/02 Hi Kids! As if in confession, I'll start off with "It's been a long time since my last update". I don't know what happens to the time (I've heard it "passes", whatever that means). Here's a question: What happens to old, used up time?

8/16/02 It's been a long time since my last update. I'm finished with the Hedgehog site until football season begins and I've started another site for my best friend Steven's new grandson.Check him out

6/9/02 They just finished the roof this past week. It was supposed to take 3 weeks max. I've been neglecting this site I'm afraid: I've been refurbishing my Hedgehog site. Well Mothers Day and my birthday are gone, Father's Day and a lot of other birthdays are coming up. I can't make the Laughlin trip but at least they told me about it instead of trying to hide it (right, Mom?)

4/5/02 I've been off all week (forced vacation- Wescam is getting a new roof), and I decided I would get into animated GIF's. Well, like I tend to do, I became obsessed. Check out my animation page.Animation by Jeff

3/9/02 I designed my new page background myself. It's called bluetoblackandback. What do you think? I also designed 4 more backgrounds that are on site now: christmas_background.jpg, fence.jpg, graysquare.jpg and grayround.jpg.
3/3/02 Weather in Santa Rosa has been beautiful the last few days and that coincided with my version of Internet Explorer getting corrupted somehow. I had to borrow an older version on CD from the IT guy at work so that I could get on the Net and download a recent version. I just got back up yesterday. How y'all been?
2/24/02 In 1962, when we were in Pa. for the summer, I watched Granada Hills win the Little League World Series (Remember Steve?). Three years later, I'm playing Babe Ruth League with those same guys. Somebody has memorialized this on our HOME page with my photo in full Yankees uniform.
2/17/02 Well there are visitors to the site and they did sign in. I couldn't be happier. I've added a new interactive feature for those who remember the trip to Tucson (actually there were a couple of trips, weren't there?). Anyone who wants to comment- feel free.
2/2/02 I added a comments section on the bottom of the HOME page. I'm hoping for two things:(1) that there are visitors to the site; and (2) that they sign in please
1/31/02 My best friend at work (Dave of fame) was laid off along with 8 others. Times are hard. If you should happen to need a knife
12/31/01 Life sucks. the Nerds lost (in fact, the Nerds got wiped out 64-22). Oh well, there's always next year. Hedgehog Football
12/30/01 Today is Super Bowl Sunday in the Hedgehog Football League and my weak-ass losing team (The Fighting Nerds, 6 wins, 7 losses) is in it. Isn't life wonderful?