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Now you can have your own personal complete computer system at a low, low price!

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Ast Desktop, New Monitor, Great Printer

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Thanks for viewing my auction!

Hello, Thank You for viewing my auction. I am selling a complete AST DESKTOP with HP 15" MONITOR and HP PRINTER!!

Desktop Stats:

o         32X Memorex CD-ROM Drive

o         LARGE Tower Case that comes with two EXTRA CD-Slots - Easily place an extra CD-ROM Drive or CD-RW Drive or both!!

o         Comes Complete With Microsoft Office 2000 Already Installed!

o         Windows 95 Already Installed

o         133 MHz Intel Pentium Processor

o         1.6 GB Hard Drive

o         One 1.44 MB 3.5" Floppy Drive

o         16-bit Sound Blaster compatible sound

o         3-D Sound with Wavetable synthesis

o         MPEG Playback

o         Amplified stereo speakers

o         Two 32-bit PCI compatible slots

o         Five 16-bit ISA compatible slots

o         Two serial ports, one parallel port, one PS/2 compatible mouse port, one analog VGA connector and one keyboard port!

o         High-resolution, Two-Button Mouse



Monitor Stats:

o         Hewlett Packard M50 15" Multimedia Display (Model DS258A)

o         High-resolution

o         Multi-scale

o         New On-Screen Display so you can change your monitor's view

o         BUILT IN Microphone!


Printer Stats:

o         HP 820Cse Professional Edition (With FULL Black and Colored Ink)

o         Made for Windows

o         Comes Complete with Printer Paper



Everything works PERFECTLY and was hardly used at all. The tower case is new, the components inside are components contained in a standard AST PC received a few summerís back.However, there are some internal components that are new, such as the CD-ROM Drive, the sound card, and more.There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything, and there are no marks, scratches, or what have you. Everything looks exactly the same the day I got it.†† Be sure to e-mail me at if you have any questions at all! That's about it, Thanks and Good Luck!!††