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Previous Contests

Contest Name: Doughnut Raffle
One had to buy a purple doughnut from the guild shop to get them entered in the draw. The winner was 1orange_girl who was awarded with an ICE NEGG!

Contest Name: Sponge Cake Raffle
Ok it was simple! You had to Buy a Coral Sponge Cake from the guild donation shop and you were entered. The winner, behemothard, received a Sweetheart Negg!
All profits went towards the guild activites!

thank you to Sashenka24 for donating all the sponge cakes

Contest Name: Item Hunt
The rules were as follows; you had to find the item below and send it to the account moneym_donations. Yes, We were aware that there was no name... that was the point ;)

The following winners have gotten an instant rise in rank as a reward: johnbsnet69, 1orange_grl, erniemcmillian2002, behemothard, loganblake_7

Contest Name: Raffle/Name-That-Item
In this contest, one had to guess the mystery item object that was scrambled up. The mystery item was a INFINITE BAG OF NEGGS. Only one winner was found. Congrarulations to Korn293 who was awarded with a happiness negg!