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Contest Name:Negg Raffle
Rules: This contest is kind of like a gun raffle. Just withdraw 1000 Np from your bank and buy a bottle of blue sand HERE.We will select three numbers between 1 and 15, and if your buy that numbe of sand you win, for example, if the number was 3, and 15 people bought sand and you were the third to buy it, you would win.The numbers are preselected by me, and sashenka24 can verify them.
Prize: Happiness Negg
Contest ends three days after all sands are bought, one prize is selected per day, limit one raffle "ticket" per person.

Contest Name: Lucky Number
Rules: Ok, they're a little complicated, so pay attention! Every two weeks we will be selecting a 3 digit number between 000 - 999. In order to win, you must select the correct number! And yes, each member gets a free guess. Now, heres the trick: if you want a hint to what the number is, you can donate ANY item to the account mcontestsm (together with a neomail stating what the item was), and the hint will be sent to you. The better the item you donate, the better the hint.
Prize: Piece of a Treasure Map

This contest closes April 22/02

Winner DateNumber
?April 22?

Remember, you can only guess once (it would be wise to get some hints ;))

Contest Name: Music Mania
Rules: Click HERE for the rules!

Winners so far: _chicken_noodle_soup, johnbsnet69, andykylesarver

Contest Name: Mystery Item
Rules: You must guess the item with the following hints. When you think you know what it is, find it and give it to the account mcontestsm. You do not get any of the item back (even if it was the wrong one) as it will go to the guild's profits. If you guess it correctly, you receive 10,000 as a PRIZE :))
Contest closes April 30th, 2002.

  • I am a battle item
  • I help prevent the creature from the water spells
  • I have special magical powers
  • I am red in color

    Hope those help ;). Good Luck!!!
    PS-dont forget to send a neomail to that account saying your username and the exact name of the item you have sent :)

  • Contest Name: Slur Your Slogan
    Our guild needs a catchy slogan! Please come up with something original, fun, and exciting. It should be a catch phrase, so when people see it, they would want to come to our guild.
    Examples:Many Mega Money Makers Makin More Every Minute, or as simple as: Join our guild and become rich in days!

    Send the slogans to mcontestsm via neomail. The deadline is April 30th so hurry up! We will then post all the submissions onto a poll, and the entire guild will vote! The Reward for this competion is a MAU CODESTONE!

    Contest Name: MM Member of the month
    This is an ongoing contest, where the winner is picked at the end of each month. All you have to do is participate in guild activities, post messages, donate to the guild shop, and basically BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER! Oh yeah, the REWARD is 3000NP!

    Previous Winners:

    Date Member
    April 02' ?
    March 02' behemothard