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Welcome to Suropia



Dear Visitor~

        My name is Keta of the Yadseu Tribe. Try saying that 5 times fast. I live in Johannes, Suropia. Every one in Suropia is a faerie or an elf. I am a faerie and yes I do have wings on my back. Right now we are at war with the elves in Suropia since they are killing our people. Unfortunately in my case there is a twist of fate. My best friend is an elf. We are both in great danger because of this. You see if either of us gets caught, we will have to tell and die (they’ll think we are spies you see).


Since you are human you may travel anywhere. Just make sure not to go into the Forbidden Palace unless invited. Understood. Good. Here is a list of towns in Suropia. Enjoy your visit. Oh, and make sure you go to The Snow Palace is it absolutely gorgeous!


Your friend~





Welcome! I am your guide. Here is a list of place available to you…



Suropia City

Tort Village




Coming Soon:


Forbidden City of Suropia

Snow Palace









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