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"Breaking Free", Parts 1 & 2

"Breaking Free" offers stories of abuse and recovery as told in multi-dimensional artworks
This “dysfunktional family tour” includes poetry, music, art, emotional “first- aid” and encouragement for survivors.
Sometimes dark, sometimes childlike, often soulful, the work inspires, honors and uplifts the human heart.


"Breaking Free" Parts 2 & 3

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The sequel to the first video, "Breaking Free" Parts 2 & 3

tells the backstory of the making of the artworks and videos as well as later works, dedications to Mom and brother,
and more insight, healing, and encouragement for survivors of dysfunction and abuse.

Dubbed "The Warrior's Heart", Part 3 features the artist's emergence in the course of this project,
as well as her works on holidays, the family dinner table, dark humor, more recovery,
including “warm fuzzies”, nurturing the inner child, and spirit’s healing
to uplift and free the human heart.

Get Breaking Free: Album of Power

Stories of Abuse, Survival, Healing, Truth- telling and Recovery as told in Art,
including “Lollipop Mom’s ‘Dysfunctional Family Tour’"

If you enjoyed the video you'll want the book as well, featuring selected works from the film.

with much more focus on the artist's challenges and her recovery in the path of discovering her true self.

Books are available at Lucky Joy Wells/ Author Page

Art works include Breaking Free: Album of Power Breaking Free: Album of Power

Videos by Lucky Wells / are on youtube.


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