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To Feed the Spirit


Healing Spirit Through the Arts

What is that which can't be seen ?

That Something Bigger that defies human expresion...
Reflecting Love and Experiences of Heart & greater realities; vision,

imagination and more that is revealed through Creativity

Some call it soul, Great Spirit, God-nature... a place of Knowing...

We can all tap into that, whether we call ourselves "spiritual" or not,
whether we believe in "spirit" or have no basis of belief...

We can all use help and support to do that…

A Place of Spirit's Joy...

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Now Playing : "Breaking Free", stories of abuse and recovery as told in art

More Videos by Lucky Joy Wells/ ZLucky.com will posted on youtube and at this site

Projected production Date: September 2011

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When the Foundation is of Spirit, the Heart will Bloom Forth


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and Our World!

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Heart's Reunion for Ourselves & our World: HeartsReunion.com -- Light for Our Time


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