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Growth and Healing for Adult Children of Dysfunction

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Family of Origin Dysfunction is everywhere--

This Page: Building Foundation

Healing is at hand-- Truthfulness is the "Must- have" Foundation --

for Heart, Mind and Body

All of us can own all that we are.
Seeing what is good as well as what may trouble us is a beginning.

An “Adult Child” often has fears, unmet needs, poor self- care and dysfunction.

Are you an “Adult Child” carrying unresolved issues from childhood?

Just about everyone has some of that. Many are only dimly aware of it, yet it can create challenges that can affect all of life.

"Test Yourself":

Have you been challenged with your own compulsive or perfectionist behavior?

Do you fear criticism & fail to recognize your achievements ?

Do you feel more alive in the midst of crisis, but feel uneasy or unsure when life is going well?

Do have trouble communicating and often choose to isolate yourself from others?
Or cling to relationships for fear of being alone?

Do you have trouble with intimacy? Have you confused pity with love?

Do you overextend yourself, caring for others easily while ignoring many of your own needs?

Do you find it hard to identify and express your emotions? Do you find yourself mistrusting your own feelings & those expressed by others?

Are you fearful of authority figures and/or angry people?

Do you guess at what "normal" is & sometimes feel like a child living in a world of grown-ups?

Are you super-responsible or irresponsible, super- controlled or over- impulsive, OR switch between these extremes?

If you see yourself here, take Heart!
Recognition is the first Courageous step-- There is a Solution!

To learn more go to: Nationwide groups, great literature & fellowship

- Lucky Lolli & Lollipop Mom


Reclaim precious, healing Connection with True Self....

Many childhood issues are actually traumatic for a sensitive young heart.
Fear or threats of abandonment, “put – downs” and the like, for example
if not healed, are likely to create tests or be re-visited in later life. Unrecovered
“adult- child” issues are a great cause of man’s inhumanity and human suffering.

Hurt, fear, shame, abandonment, unmet needs and abuse can tap into all our faculties.
If not counterbalanced or cleared through the range of human sensibilities,
including remembering, thinking, feeling & the ways of Spirit, healing is incomplete
and effects can emerge years later. With support, these areas can be re-visited and
re- tapped in healthy ways to obtain freedom in a true and lasting healing.

If our inner work bypasses the feeling aspect, we may remain stunted and
once again find ourselves once revisiting unhealthy past scenarios.

There is no "quicker fix" or spiritual "bypass"-- and that’s OK !

There are lessons in all of this, and the sooner we connect to the truth of it,
the sooner we recover!

We must-- and we can-- feel it to heal it! We've already lived it-- what could be worse ?

Support gives us the courage and ability to withstand and heal in all that life gives us.

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loads of info, the best reads on these subjects, support, healing meetings, & more

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* ACA’s, ACoA’s The label "Adult Children" was first applied to those from homes of alcoholism or addiction ,
thus ACA, AcoA, etc. ("Adult Children" of Alcoholics) monikers came into being.

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