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Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate and Water Consultant

Water is a great place to start with wellness! It is one of the most vital elements needed by the body, and nothing can substitute for drinking plain old water!

Make your water sweet, enticing and so easy you can’t refuse another glass of it!

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!


….. ….

There are No Substitutes for Drinking Water

Coffee, tea and colas are dehydrating and harmful; they act as diuretics, removing water from the body and depressing the central nervous system. The toxic elements in them "fool" the body, bypassing the thirst mechanism. The taste of artificial sweeteners also "tricks" the body & actually causes increased appetite and weight gain. *

Save Your Health

Dehydration, even at minor levels, can cause body systems to slow down, making you sluggish or irritable. When you get low, often you are simply suffering from dehydration. Instead of going for the soda, you will love drinking tasty, sweet and healthy water!

Drink more water helps you lose weight as well!


… Recommendations for Water

Water is the health- building beverage of choice.

  • If you eat the standard American- type diet, your body is crying for water! * Nothing, not even drinking extra water, can fully make up for unhealthy life practices! Drinking unhealthy beverages is part of that—cut them back or eliminate them!

  • "Junk beverages" and other processed drinks can deplete body resources. Even juices are slightly cooked in processing and that changes their makeup from alkaline (needed in the body) to acid- forming, which is a disease producing condition.

  • You lose water as you breathe and when you sweat or perspire. During hot weather or physical activity your water losses can easily double or triple, so drink more water at these times.

  • Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. Instead, keep filled water bottles and fruit snacks at your desk, in your car, by your bed, or near your favorite chair as a reminder.

  • Fruits and vegetables-- eat at least seven a day per the USDA recommendation.

    They are 75- 90 % water and are excellent hydrators aiding health in many ways. “Eat your water!” To meet the 7+ a day mark, we should set our sights higher than that! Also, beware that high -protein weight-loss diets add to dehydration.

  • Water is a great "pick- me- up" when u get low in the day, drink a glass of water to boost energy levels and step up metabolism and vibrancy.

Every family should have a good filter at the kitchen sink.

  • No commitment to drink more water seems to last like having a good home filter
    system at your tap!

  • With in- home filtration…

  • You will drink more water, because it's easy, it’s there, you love it, and it tastes delicious!

  • You will save money on junk beverages and your health too!

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    Water is a great way to connect with us and with your wellness, to commit to your health
    in a way that’s easy and requires no discipline. Getting a reliable home filter underlines
    your commitment and makes health easy and enjoyable.

    More info-- Multipure site or Multipure Science site.

    Dr. Lucky's Water and Health Blog


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    * Multipure has a 30 day unconditional Money- back guarantee. Plus most systems have a lifetime Warrantee.

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