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Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate, Master Coach

… Right living can add ten, twenty or more years to your life.
Imagine the peace of many productive, happy, loving, disease- free years ahead.

Physiology Consultant, energy and weight - loss trainer Lucky Wells offers
little known, highly effective approaches * for health and weight correction and motivation.

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!

FREE initial consult-- Call for a fuller explanation of the logic of our re- education
and to clarify your choices for superlative health and energy.

If you're ready to move into your best health, Contact Lucky / Email

This Page:

3 Special Wellness Offers-- FREE OFFERS (some with purchase)
… helping you to Better Health and to Maximize your Savings!

Special Wellness FREE OFFER #1-- Pure Water: at your Tap

Do you know that with the “Filtermania” and “Aquamania” offers at my Water Store you get a lifetime guaranteed home system for great water at your tap— for Less than $7.00 a month all told? –
WHAT YOU GET is a precisely engineered, tested and honed filtration unit for FREE when you pay up- front for the replacement cartridges which you would need in any case. With interest- free financing, a better value can’t be found!

My company gives me a way to bring you the very best value which no one else is even allowed to match. * For help or questions, call on the company (you will need my name to order) or me / Email


Special Wellness FREE OFFER #2-- Get our Newsletter

Sign up FREE to Get our Updates/ Bi- Annual Newsletters and Reports and get notified of Time – Limited or New Specials as they come up for you.
Specials on Drinking Water Systems are often not listed at our Water Store-- Company Site, so Email me to sign up for the Updates and Newsletter. Your privacy is honored and your email will never be sold.


Special Wellness FREE OFFER #3-- Get Pure Water at your Tap
… and get FREE Health Coaching

Get a Free Health Consultation (s) -- up to two sessions
with your purchase of a Multi- Pure long- term use home unit for countertop or below the sink.*

This FREE OFFER includes resources by email with
Your Personal Weight or Wellness Motivator and Profile.

Lucky will provide you with a personalized consult and Wellness goals as designed in collaboration with you around YOU, YOUR WATER intake and other lifestyle needs as per your needs when you purchase a Drinking Water System through Lucky Wells' Water Store website.

Your Personal Weight- Loss &/or Wellness consult
and support can be in-person or by phone and includes resources from our Health Service. It is best to Email Lucky prior to your purchase so she can assist you with ordering and getting credit for this FREE offer.

Water--- Health Essential

Our One Product is Pure Water and our Green business Opportunity
for daily drinking water and superlative health!

Water is a great way to connect with us and with your wellness, to commit to your health
in a way that’s easy and requires no discipline.

Getting a reliable home filter underlines
your commitment and makes health easy and enjoyable.

Are You drinking enough good water???

Water Store

More info-- Multipure site or Multipure Science site

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* Multipure has a 30 day unconditional Money- back guarantee. Most systems have a lifetime Warrantee.

More info thru the Manufacturer's Corporate Website

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