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Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate, Master Coach

… Right living can add ten, twenty or more years to your life.
Imagine the peace of many productive, happy, loving, disease- free years ahead.

Physiology Consultant, energy and weight - loss trainer Lucky Wells offers
little known, highly effective approaches for health, lifestyle and motivation.

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!

FREE initial consult-- A fuller explanation of what is offered demonstrates its sensibility and increases your choices for superlative health and vibrant energy.

If you're ready to move into your best health, Contact Lucky / Email

... Disease is not a mysterious, capricious entity

that chooses victims on a whim...

YOU & you alone create your own Wellness.

Some Precepts of Wholistic & Alternative Medicine

Much in the field of alternative health pays homage to the following views:

1.) ..Health is the normal, natural state of all living organisms, and...

2.).... Health is maintained through natural, self-healing processes initiated and conducted by the body.

3.)....The effect of drugging and other actions to suppress symptoms of illness promotes further disease, lowering body vitality and interfering with the body's natural healing process.

...Human physiology, when provided with the proper means and needs of life, will naturally resolve conditions of disease and return to its normal state of wellness.

Get Off the "Go– Round" of health fads & fallacies !!

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature!

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Article: The Wisdom of the Body

All life is based on laws, sensible, definable, scientifically verifiable, and universally applicable. Our whole universe is laid out according to discoverable patterns-- without which there would be no science.

The same is true of the human body. Just as every organ system has a specific purpose and functions in specific, predictable ways, so too are the conditions for health and illness predictable, avoidable, and rational. The view of disease as random, inevitable (ie., "old age" diseases), and often "incurable" goes against the very idea that there is a scientific order in the universe.

The Poetry of the Body is the Marvel that is You!

...the Amazing Human Body Heals
cuts like magic,

transforms food into living tissue,
maintains constant temperature in an incredibly hairline balance,.
The body can even build tubes for drainage
and is complete in its own healing system.

The powerful abilities of the body are amply demonstrated in its daily activities, and the ability to heal itself opens beautifully with the meeting of its pure and simple needs.

Energy, Health, and Joy in life,
the results of a Wellness Lifestyle,
Are the Birthright of every human being.

The Wisdom of a Single Cell is beyond the explanation of science today,

And, for its many workings,
Is Said to Exceed all the Knowlege of the Human Race to date

The Body's 70,000,000,000,000 cells work in perfect Unity and
Pinpoint Perfection for life...
...The Five Senses Alone
Stun human Creativity:

Not to mention the body's Amazing
Ablity to Reproduce itself Perfectly...

No Wisdom science can bring forth can hold a Candle to... the
"Magic of the Human Body!"


A Poem of Gratitude and Love…

The Body's Truth is Paradise,
As Eden's garden home
For never was the body made
For everlasting pain --
Only as a Warning
Where Nature's Laws are King
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