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Pictures of The Count!
This is the count "counting"!
Yes Yes I know as silly as it may look the Count is having a good old time in sesame street!
Hahaha,the count got his license!!
The Count is enjoying himself here!
Von,two fwee hahahahahaha!
This cheeky lil count even had a stamp made for him!
Yes , very good!
The Count enjoying his country side drive!
Hosting the 7:00 news! I really hope he enjoyed this!
The whole off Sesame Street!!
Like the count Zoe also had a stamp made!
Grovers dancing away! cute, elmo and his bunny!
Big Bird Having adventures in Sesame Street!
Oscar the grouch!
Who loves this hippy photo of elmo?
Awwww....this is so sweet! Grover and his puddy tat, Mia.
Snuffy, poor thing whats wrong?
Oscar in his dumpster.
Hi again, these are the pics of the count. I have also included some off other Sesame Street Characters too. Feel free to use them, however if you use them for your website contact me first.
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