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Love & Hate

Rating: PG - 13 for slashiness.
Aurthor: Nicole Midge smiled at her baby brother. She had wavy red hair and a soft button nose, not the baby the girl. She ran her fingers over the soft fleece blanket. Her sister walked in only 7 years old 3 years her junior. She was about to open her mouth when a strange light was revealed from their bedroom window. Riley rubbed her eyes and gasped. The light was eliminating from the baby. The baby was lifted up slowly through the light; Riley ran and grabbed his foot.

“Weave my brother alone!” she growled as the light redirected itself onto her older sister. She screamed but didn’t let her brother go. She was scared, she couldn’t lose Remus but she didn’t want to lose Midge. She screamed as her sister vanished leaving her and her brother on the floor sobbing.

That same night in another part of the world.

Christopher growled at his older brother. Jacob was starring at the baby on the bed the boys shared. Jacob was 11, 4 years Christopher’s senior. He heard a scream and lifted his head. His baby brother was being taken by some kind of fancy light! He screamed at Jacob. He leaped up and grabbed his baby brother’s arm as Jacob knocked them over. Christopher slammed his eyes shut tightly as he clung to his brother. He felt the pressure leave him a few minutes later and opened his eyes. Sirius was crying and Jacob was nowhere to be seen.

“Jacob? Jacob? Where are you?” he looked around knowing his brother would never be coming back.

13 years later

“Remus! Put your robes on! We have to get going and meet the Blacks soon!” His mother screamed. His sister was 7 years older than him and didn’t have to go to Hogwarts anymore. He grumbled. Being 2nd oldest of 5 brothers and sisters. Riley, a 17-year-old bubbly bouncy redhead with a preppy attitude she was the oldest. Sari was a 13 year old with a solemn attitude with wavy brown hair. Ricky was a tall boy with a black buzz cut and going through his mid life crisis at 11. Then there was Jeremiah and Teresa at 7 years old this daring duo had long wavy red hair. Remus was 15. He had soft golden hair with eyes born to match. He frowned and pulled his robes on over his muggle clothes. He couldn’t wait to see Sirius again. He and him were closer than close, too close to just be friends. He smiled at the thought.

“Remus! Come on! Hurry up we’re going to be late!”

“Sorry mum, just putting on a touch of lip gloss” He said smirking imitating his sisters.

“Just get in the car children!” They waddled out to the car and drove to the train station.

In the Black home

“Sirius! Get your brother and hurry up!” Sirius frowned. He wanted to go see Remus! Not go to some stupid little show.“We’re going to go see Remus”

His head snapped up. He ran for his robes and threw them on while grabbing his trunks. He was going to see Remus! He was ecstatic! He ran into his big brothers room and shoved him out of bed.

“What the hell? Sirius! What the fuck do you think you are doing? I was sleeping!” He smiled and ruffled Sirius’s hair.

“ Don’t touch my hair! We’re going to meet Reme, I need to look my best!”

“Ok little bro, I’m up! Is there anything special you want me to wear for your boyfriend?”

“Quit it Chris! I’ll tell mum you were torturing me again!”

“Oh cry your eyes out little brother, mum said that no way am I to stop teasing you!” Chris stuck his tounge out. He loved tourturing him. He chased his brother out the door to the car and around the block 4 times before they finally stopped at the car and actually got in.