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The Love of Anna: A Tradgedy

Rating: PG
Author: Julian

Chapter 1
A new student?

Harry Potter was 15 when he met Anna. She was the most beautiful witch Harry laid eyes on. But aside from her beauty, she also concealed a deadly secret...

"Harry, Harry!" Hermione said loudly.

He was in history of magic class when he soon drifted off.

" What did I miss?" Said Harry

"Well, Professor binns just said there will be a new student coming here to hogwarts." Hermione said quietly.

"What's her name?" said Harry, questionably.

Just then, A girl just about Hermione's age with long, brown hair, entered the room.

"Welcome our new student, " Prof. Binns said aloud. "Anna Brieanne, from Kent."

At that moment, Ron's Jaw dropped and he fell out of his chair.

"Mr. Weasley!!!" Prfessor B. screamed.

Anna giggled.

"I hope my year here will be real nice and lovely, thank you." Anna said happily.

"She's Beautiful as the sun," Harry thought. "But she's awfully familiar..."

"As I was saying about the Tudor family, King Henry VIII was the most notorious muggle king in the 1500's. He married 6 wives in his reign, and the most infamous was his 2nd, Anne Boleyn." Binns said, Just then Anna just ran out of the room, with a scared expression on her face.

"What's up with her?" Ron said.

"She looks so familiar." Harry said dazed.

Then, They got up and went to the Library.

Chapter 2
A discovery is made

Hermione returned to their table, with a big stack of books, each one with the title "Anne Boleyn". "It says here that Anne was supposed to be beheaded on May 19, 1536, but just before the axe hit her neck, she disappeared. she was rumored to be a witch..."

And so they went and read for 2 hours, checked out the books, and went to the gryffindor dormitories. And then they saw anna at one of the gryfindor couchs.

"What are you doing here?!" Said Hermione in an angry tone.

Then Ginny weasley walked into the room.

"Did you meet my new friend, Anna? She's in gryffindor! Anna, This is Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and my brother Ron." Ginny said.

"Pleased to meet you." Anna said.

"Well, I'm going to bed now, coming, Harry? " Said Ron.

But Harry didn't pay attention to Ron. He was talking to Anna.

Chapter 3
A suspicious Heart

When the trio and their new friend went down to breakfast the next day, the owls went and delivered the mail as usual, except harry recieved a pure blue envalope sealed with a gold B. He opened it and inside was...
A love letter.
It read:

Dear Lovely Harry:

You are as beautiful than anybody I have ever met.Ever since I laid eyes on you, I have felt a feeling like no other. I love you.
If you want to find out who I am, Meet me at the edge of the forbidden forest at 12:30.


Your Lover

" What is it, Harry?" Ron asked.

" You won't believe this, but it's a love letter." Harry replied.

Lavender Brown and Ginny giggled.

"I guess I'll have to wait and find out."

So he waited with anticipation for the day to end, and at about 12:20 at night, Harry woke up and put on the Invisibility cloak and walked out quietly. They saw a figure at a big tree, but he couldn't make out who it was. Then he arrived at the figure and he took out hus wand and whispered,Lumos. And it was...


"You're my admirer?!" Harry whispered.

"Yes, Harry. I love you."

"That's ok, because I love you too."

And at that moment, they kissed.

"Together Forever, Harry?" Anna asked.


And then they walked to the castle, Hand in Hand.

Chapter 4

"Harry, I have something to tell you."


"Now that we're in love, I have to tell you a secret."

"Ok, Shoot."

"I am of royal blood."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not Anna Brieanne."


"I'm really Queen Anne."


"Yes. Anne Boleyn."

And at that moment, she pulled out a necklace and the Initals were A.B.

"Now, before I go, Kiss me once more."

And then they did.

Chapter 5
Goodbye, Anne

The next day, Harry told Ron and Hermione what had happened the night before.

"What!" They whispered.

"Yes, she's Anne. She even had the necklace."

"Hermione, do you know any spells that can let the user travel back in time?" Ron said.

"Yeah, I have just the thing, exept it'll work on only one person!"

"And that'll be me." said Harry.

3 hours passed. It was now 11:55. Then Anna walked into the room.

"Bye Harry. I hope we meet again."

"Me too, Anne"

And then he stepped into the Light of the portal.

He was spinning through time, and with each 100 years, he grew 3 years older.

And finally he landed in 1536.

And then he saw Anne, more beautiful then ever, was being led up to the executioner's block.

Then, he heard a whisper before the axe fell.

"Good bye, Harry"
And then he remembered that night where they were together. but now it was all over.

Anne was dead.

And when he landed back at the common room, he looked at Ron and hermione,And smiled.

And when he went to bed that night, he whispered, " Goodbye Anne. "
And a breath of cold wind went past him, and he smiled.