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Market Place

Hostess a Party!

 Earn Free treats when you Hostess a Gabby Goodies Party!!!!


 What the company offers:

If you place an order for over $100 before shipping then you’ll get 10% of the total party sales in free products as the hostess! In addition, for every party that is booked off of yours (whether it’s a home tasting party or a catalog party) you’ll get $5 in free products when their party order is submitted!

What I offer:

I want to take these bonuses a step further and offer you some extra perks for hostessing a party that you would receive only from me.

First off, if you live in the Southern California area, you can call me at 909-636-4601 (between 10am and 10pm Pacific) and we can discuss my coming over and doing an in-home tasting party where you bring the guests and I bring the refreshments and we play games and I give out prizes to your guests and you earn goodies for their purchases!

If you’re not in my local area you can do your own in home tasting party or just do a catalog party!

For an in-home tasting party I will mail you 5 catalogs, 10 order forms, a Perfect Pot, 5 assorted teas, and a veggie dip (with a deposit of $8 on the perfect pot, teas, and veggie dip that will be redeemed with a party order of $50 or more).

For a catalog party I will mail you 5 catalogs and 10 order forms, no deposit required.

Bonus Time!  All bonuses are cumulative!

$50 – Choice of one: 2 different A Brew-a-cup packets, 5 different Imported teas, 4 different Dessert Teas, a single serving Chai packet, a cocoa packet, an apple cider packet, 2 different Jenny's creamer single packets, 5 honey sticks, 1 box of Sugar Cookies, 1 Java Pop, 1 Coffee Topper, 1 Biscotti, OR 2 packets of Moovitz candy.

$100 – Qualify for hostess credit of 10% of total party sales.

$150 – Choice of one: A veggie dip, a fruit dip, a Perfect Pot, or a Cheese Ball mix.

$200Choice of one: A bread dipper, a brownie mix, a muffin mix, or a beer bread mix.

$250 – Choice of one product (can pick from anything we carry).

For every $50 increment over $250 you get $5 in free products!

Please be advised that Gabby Goodies only ships to US addresses and not internationally.
I apologize for the inconvenience.