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Gift Certificate

It's never too late to send them a gift certificate! Why not one that offers them som GREAT gourmet treats???

You can get a gift certificate in any dollar amount you want! I'll happily personalize it for you! If you want the gift certificate to be mailed out to them from my office I'll include a mini-catalog for them and a free tea packet or single serving creamer (your choice). If you want me to email you the jpg of your personalized GC then I'll include your choice of one of the following as an extra surprise in their packet to be mailed out from the home office upon redemption of the GC: 1 imported tea, 1 dessert tea, 1 single serving Jenny's creamer, OR 1 honey stick.

If the GC is for more than $20 they get a free gift valued anything from $0.40 to $10.00 (to be determined upon redemption of the GC.)

As an added bonus this GC can be used to cover shipping as well so they can get a truly free gift!

Feel free to email me with any questions and to place an order for a GC!

Please be aware this gift certificate is only redeemable through me.

Please be advised that Gabby Goodies only ships to US addresses and not internationally.
I apologize for the inconvenience.