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Talron Personal web site

My name is Avner Lewenstein. I work as software architect for a consulting company, DB@Net in Israel. I am consulting to software development departments of both startups and established companies. I am also involved in development projects the company is doing for it's customers. My main expertise is J2EE development, though I am also involved in some J2ME development and Linux system work.
Though I am working web sites and web application, my expertise is server side programming. I am not a designer. On the sites I work on professionally, I get designs done by professional designer. Even HTML and javascript is not something I work with allot.
Lately I started some web sites of my own, where I do everything: Design, HTML, javascript and soon PHP. I know I have a long way to improve on those ;-).
Checkout my other sites:
  • Talron Web TechnologiesFinally got a proper domain name :-). Checkout the about page there which explains why the name Talton.
  • Hatzomet This is a site I've set up for my brother's business. This site is in Hebrew.