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~Don't Quit~

Dont quit when the tide is lowest,
For it's just about to turn;
Dont quit over doubts and questions,
For there's something you may learn.

Don't quit when the night is darkest,
For it's just a while 'til dawn;
Dont quit when you've run the furthest,
For the race is almost won.

Don't quit when the hill is steepest,
For your goal is almost nigh;
Don't for your not a failure
Until you fail to try.

Advice for Lovers

1. Trust eachother
2. Talk to eachother (communication is the key to all successful relationships.)
3. Always Be honest
4. Never hide anything
5. Never lie to one another
6. Be as open as possible
7. Have an open mind to new things
8. Never go to bed angry